Skyway School Nurse

  • School Health Services was notified by a local health provider that, due to increase in demands related to medical documentation and paperwork they will begin charging $15-$50 for paperwork and other medical documentation that is requested outside a normal office visit. This is becoming a regular business standard at many health providers offices across the country. If your child sees a health provider for school days missed, illnesses, medication adjustments/refills or other medical issues/conditions REMEMBER TO REQUEST the necessary documentation that may be required for school DURING THE OFFICE VISIT.

    The Coeur d’ Alene School District’s School Health Services requires that written documentation be provided to the school from a health provider for all school administered prescription medications, initiated health and emergency plans, school health accommodations and special diets. Therefore, if and when your child sees a health care provider for any reason, and if they will be needing medication or health care at school, REMEMBER to ask for the above documentation during the office visit in order to avoid added charges. School health services will be notifying health care providers of documentation that is necessary. In addition, we are in the process of putting forms online that can be taken to your health care provider to be filled out. Please provide the school with the required documents so that your student can enjoy a safe and healthy school year.

     Erin Dever is the Skyway School Nurse  

    Erin Dever - School Nurse

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