Frequently Asked Questions Related to the FY25 Budget and Cost-Reduction Recomendations


    The Coeur d’Alene School District is a large, complex, decentralized organization of 1,500 employees. We are the second-largest employer in Kootenai County, behind Kootenai Health.

    Coeur d'Alene Public School District #271 owns the District Office building located at 1400 N. Northwood Center Court in Coeur d’Alene. We also own and manage 40 other buildings: 

    • 17 schools (11 elementary, three middle, three high schools)

    • 24 facility buildings

  • District Office Staff Explained (click here)

Questions about the District Office

  • Is it true there was a district audit done that found the organization to be top-heavy?

  • Why not sell the District Office and use the revenue to reduce the shortfall?

  • Why does the district have four superintendents when larger Idaho districts only have one?

  • Why not move District Office staff into Borah or spread them around in school buildings?

  • Are there other district buildings we could close before we close a school?

  • Could the district sell the land purchased in the Coeur Terre Development?

  • Why not sell the 40 acres the district owns in Hayden?

Questions about the Midtown Center

  • Has the district considered repurposing the Midtown building/space?

  • What's the overhead cost to operate Midtown?

Questions about repurposing Borah Elementary School

  • Why did the district recommend that Borah be repurposed?

  • How will the new zone boundary be identified so students are dispersed fairly? All the high poverty families should not be sent to Bryan.

  • Did the district conduct an impact study or economic/community analysis before deciding to recommend Borah be closed?

  • Will there be more TBRI training for teachers taking in Borah students?

  • How will the decision to repurpose Borah impact students who currently walk or ride bikes to school? Will transportation costs increase?

  • When and how will parents find out which school their children will go to?

Questions about staff reductions

  • How many certified and classified positions will be reduced?

  • Many classified employees accept lower pay in order to get insurance. Does the district run the risk of losing these employees if they don’t qualify for benefits or can’t afford tiered options?

  • There are a number of employees who are in their last years of district employment. Losing one day's pay per week hurts their retirement. Has the district considered this?

  • How many FTE did the district propose to the board to reduce on the SLP team?

  • There is one SLPA and two SLP paraprofessionals on the SLP team. Are any of these positions included in the proposed reductions?

  • How many instructional coaches do we have across the district?

Questions about the district's budget and state funding

  • What is the CDA school district’s budget and how can it be increased?

  • Why does the district have a $6 million shortfall when the levy passed last May?

  • During the pandemic, the state moved from attendance-based funding (ADA) to enrollment-based funding with the expectation they would return to ADA eventually. How did the district prepare to return to ADA?

  • What can staff do to get the state to step up and adequately fund public education in Idaho?

  • How does our district’s enrollment compare to other districts in the state?

Questions about the parent/staff survey on school schedules

  • Why were parent/teacher responses removed from the school schedule survey data?

Questions about Professional Learning Communities (PLC) + High Reliability Schools (HRS)

  • How much did the district spend on the PLC Institute and HRS professional development training for teachers last August?

  • How much does HRS certification cost? Why did the district choose to spend resources on these contracts?

  • Did the district recoup the cost of the PLC Institute?

  • Could ESSER funds have been spent on other things that would have provided more lasting/ongoing benefits to staff, students, and facilities?

  • What are the benefits of HRS certification? What is the return on the investment?

  • Has the district studied why parents are choosing to educate their children in ways other than our public schools?

Budget Transparency

  • The district and board have worked very hard to be transparent with our stakeholders about the district's budget. When we estimate student enrollment, we don't always get it exactly right. Last year we underestimated the additional decline in enrollment. We also underestimated the increase in special needs services for our students on an IEP. We did not anticipate double-digit percentage increases in utility costs. We used our ESSER dollars to maintain as many services as possible for our students. We have held classroom sizes at the lowest levels our budget constraints will allow. The board and administration have stretched every dollar. We have supplemented our revenue with more than a million dollars in additional grant funding. 

    For anyone looking for information about the district's budget, there are resources on our website to help you:

    • From the district’s home page, go to Department > Finance > School District Budget where you will find a budget book that provides a comprehensive budget overview. Although it is a large document, it contains valuable information about our funding and the budget creation process.

    • On the same page, you can scroll down to find payroll expenditures. We publish the entire monthly payroll for each staff member.

    • Under Department > Human Resources > Human Resources > Salary Schedules, you can review the starting and ending salaries for each position. Additionally, staff members may earn stipends or additional hourly pay for extra duties such as serving as a department chair, performing special education duties, tutoring, developing curriculum adoptions, or being a technology web editor. However, it's important to note that housing stipends have never been, and will never be, allowed.

  • Did certificated staff salaries in the last negotiation increase to the highest the district has ever paid?

  • Does our district have a plan to work with other districts on state legislative issues?

  • What is peak student enrollment at our elementary schools?

  • What is the future plan if this is just the beginning of major funding cuts due to less enrollment? What more will the district cut?