College Entrance Exam: SAT & ACT

  • The ACT and SAT are college admissions tests. Many colleges and programs use ACT or SAT scores in their admission decisions, although some do not, and some specifically require one test or the other. Also, universities often use ACT / SAT scores to place students in specific courses, particularly for math. Additionally, universities use these tests to determine merit-based scholarships. The higher the score, the more free money you earn!

Should I retake College Entrance Exams?

  • I already took the ACT or SAT as a junior. Should I re-take it this year? Once you’ve received your test score(s) report, take a moment to congratulate yourself! Completing a three-hour exam is an accomplishment in itself. Next, realize that sometimes students need to take the ACT or SAT two or three times to maximize their score. This is completely normal; in fact, most students take these exams more than once. Some students take both tests to see which one they do better on, then re-take only the one exam they did better on to see if they could improve that score.

  • How do I move forward?

  • Are my score expectations realistic?

  • How many times have you already taken each test?

  • What scores do I need for my target universities and scholarships?