Workforce - Apprenticeships & Trades

  • An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with job-related instruction. Apprentices learn specific skills necessary to perform the job, gain experience, and earn a nationally recognized certificate or credential. Searching and applying for apprenticeships can be similar to looking for a job. Many people start by looking for specific open opportunities and apply directly to employers. You can expect to submit a resume and/or application along with a cover letter and references, and be asked to complete an interview if you are being considered for the position. However, you can also start the process by contacting an apprenticeship training provider, like one of Idaho’s community colleges or the Idaho Department of Labor to learn about programs and employers. GI Bill benefits may help you cover the costs of materials, tools, or help you get housing for your apprenticeship. Apprenticeship programs may also offer advanced placement or provide credit for military experience.

    Source: Next Steps Idaho