College Planning in Xello

  • Applying to college can be overwhelming. It can be hard to keep track of the schools you’re applying to, remember to get letters of recommendation, send your transcripts, apply for scholarships, and keep track of deadlines. Using the College Planning tools in Xello, you can create a plan and keep track of these details. Tutorials for these tools can be found on the College & Career Center websites.

Application Tracking Feature

  • Xello has created the Application Tracker located under College Planning to help students stay organized and know where they are at with each college application they have started. After creating a tracker for a college you can set different tasks for yourself to ensure meeting deadlines. The tasks listed below are ones you will complete through Xello.

  • Transcript Request

  • Common App

  • Letter of Recommendation

State & Local Scholarships

  • Under College Planning you will also find a Local Scholarship section. Here is where you will find a list of scholarships your school has listed for you to review and apply for if you meet the requirements. Each listing will have details regarding the application requirements and links to any forms or websites needed. You are able to sort by name or deadline and then save any you plan to apply for or take a closer look at. After saving them you can then see them on your main College Planning page. Check your Scholarship Section in this book for more information and tips regarding scholarships.