Bus Pass Information

  • bus pass 2023

    Eligible riders that are registered for busing to/from school will receive a bus pass. Students are responsible to have a bus pass with them to ride the bus to/from school.

    New passes will be issued for the 23/24 school year.  Students that lose or their pass is destroyed, will have one replacement at no charge. After the second pass is issued, there will be a $5 fee for each replacement thereafter.



    Passes that are lost or destroyed will be deactivated and can no longer be used.

    Passes are used for state student count reporting, provide information when a student is lost or missing, and ultimately will provide parents with load/unloading times and locations when the district moves to using a parent app.

    Please fill out the form to receive a replacement for bus passes. Use information that is listed in your student's Skyward account or pass may not be issued.

    Link to request a bus pass or replacement: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScsF5afOuR9LSv85h4YJm3adgFweTVu6b8nfNdf_HwAV-npBw/viewform