• 2022-2023 End of Year Awards
    Darcy Pollard, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "She has a giving heart, works on weeds that everyone else just walks past, once gave a car to a family in need with no strings attached, is the kind of person more of us should try to be like, cares about others on and off the bus."

    Karissa Rhodes, Bryan Elementary, Behavior Support Assistant
    "She greets students and staff with a smile and a kind demeanor, even when things are challenging, not only is she a team player, but a team leader, as well, she goes beyond what is expected with a tremendous attitude and a smile on her face each day, continually meets the needs of students, is an absolute rock star."
    Robin Mitzelfelt, Bryan Elementary, Kitchen Manager
    "She always makes sure EVERYONE is taken care of, is always smiling and has a positive attitude, she's got every single child’s name down and personalizes with them making the few seconds she has with them important, has been an amazing lunch lady for 32 years."  
    Erin Miller, Venture High School, Behavior Support Assistant
    "She is amazing with the students, the support she provides staff and students is admirable, teaches me something new every day just with her calm perspective of life, puts her heart on her sleeve for students every day and makes sure they feel seen, heard, and valued, challenges students, encourages them, holds them accountable, and most importantly she loves them." 


  • 2022-2023
    Jodi Buttrey, Canfield MS, Secretary
    "Is willing to help at all times, constantly asked questions to which she always has an answer even if it's, "I don't know but let me find out," and she follows through with a response in a timely manner. She is a bright and shining light in the front office, always with a welcoming attitude, and a super sense of humor which can and does brighten people's day. I'm grateful she is a terrific resource here at Canfield and someone who far exceeds the expectations of her job description."
    Raquel Filipov, CHS, Special Education Assistant
    "Is such a rock star working with her students, wonderful at setting respectful boundaries, modeling proper behavior and reactions to adverse situations. This is such an imperative and often overlooked quality when working as a paraprofessional." 
    Josh Clubb, Dalton, SRO
    "Has been a tremendous asset to our Dalton team! His highly visible presence at our school deters trespassers and helps our students and staff feel safe, strives to build positive relationships at our school with both students and staff. He  interacts with our students in a variety of capacities, including playing 4-square with them and is often seen handing out stickers to any student that asks. He is a positive male role model and our students genuinely look up to him."  
    Rene Dempsey,
    Administrative Assistant, Finance and Operations Departments
    Facility Use Coordinator, Accounts Receivable
    "Has gone above and beyond her regular daily work. She has stepped in to help AP and Payroll time and time again. She has made herself extremely valuable in getting payroll processed within the timelines needed for October's payroll. She has made herself an integral part of the well oiled machine that is the Finance Department."
    Melissa Smith, Fernan, Secretary
    "Whether it is a teacher, a parent with a question or a student who needs a band aid for a scraped knee, all while the phone is ringing and there is someone at the front door who is waiting to be buzzed into the front office, she is willing to step in and help solve whatever problem may be presented and has thoughtful, insightful resolutions with a smile and calm demeanor. Her calmness brings a sense of serenity to the front office when oftentimes the front office is the most chaotic and busy."
    Lori Russell, Hayden Meadows, Remediation Assistant
    "Nicknamed "The Sheriff" - she can control our lunchroom like no other. You never hear her raise her voice or get angry at our kids. At least once a week she will tell a joke or riddle. When she is gone, it’s just not the same."  
    Michele Torres, Lakes MS, Secretary
    "She might be the funniest person I've ever met, and her ability to keep the front office running with a smile on her face is truly miraculous."
    Randy Lancaster, Maintenance, Warehouseman
    "Is ALWAYS willing to do what is needed, he has a great attitude and is happy to help, has a passion for students and wants to make sure that students have the best facilities in order to succeed."
    Jeana Cleverly, NEXA, Playground and Crossing Guard Assistant
    "She gives 100% to the students at NExA. She cares about each student and meets them where they're at. She is incredibly kind to families at crosswalk duty, and even attended the District Cross Country Meet to cheer on NExA students!  She is competent, reliable, generous, and just a great staff member. She's willing to go the extra mile and doesn't hesitate to offer her help. We are blessed and grateful to have her on our team."
    Darcy Pollard, Transportation, Bus Driver
    She has a giving heart. She works on weeds that everyone else just walks past. She once gave a car to a family in need with no strings attached. Darcy is the kind of person more of us should try to be like. She cares about others on and off the bus."
    Erin Miller, VHS, Behavior Support Assistant
    "There are so many great things I can say about Erin.  She is amazing with the students in the TSC classroom and Gen Ed. The support she provides staff and students is admirable. I couldn't ask for a better person to help and support. She teaches me something new every day just with her calm perspective of life. I greatly appreciate having her in my classroom."
    Sarah Bear, Borah, Special Education Paraprofessional 
    "She has become loved by all in my classroom as she has supported every child, so patiently, and has made a difference in the lives of SO many students."
    Karissa Rhodes, Bryan, Behavior Support Assistant
    "She is not only a team player, but a team leader, as well, she goes beyond what is expected with a tremendous attitude and a smile on her face each day."
    Elise Fry, Canfield, BI Paraprofessional 
    "She is great at her job and fun to work with, helps students meet their behavioral and academic goals and is always a team player, makes our day by always being kind, funny and positive."
    Steve Taylor, CHS, Custodian 
    "While our head custodian was out for a month, he stepped in and took over day duty, kept up with our staff requests and our building needs with ease."
    Kim Shaw, Dalton, Classroom Assistant 
    "Her stellar leadership and amazing attitude, displays great patience and kindness with the students and with everyone who is lucky enough to teach and learn alongside her."
    Helen Hanna, Hayden Meadows, Office Manager 
    "Any requests or needs from teachers are immediately responded to or resolved, is efficient, helpful, and kind."
    Tracy Hardman, Lakes MS, Remediation Assistant 
    "She is a dedicated, enthusiastic and essential member of our Lakes community, is kind and supportive, always willing to step in to help out in any way he can when needed around the school."
    Rachael Petersen, LCHS, Building Secretary
    "She is a dedicated worker to everything related to LCHS and is crucial to providing a family culture in our building, which goes above and beyond her job requirements."
    Kristin Janowski, Skyway Classroom Assistant
    "She is a true champion for all the students she works with, is kind, caring, and full of grace for them all, one of the hardest working and proactive aides, is a natural educator and the students she works with make huge progress." 
    Gregg Skarisky, Technology, Network Technician
    "He works hard, is helpful to all, takes the time to teach people how to do things techie, is professional, courteous, patient, very proactive in asking if anybody needs his help, can fix anything."  
    Marita Durk, Venture, Classroom Assistant
    "When they are at their worst, they are met with compassion and understanding, they come to believe in themselves academically because of her support, patience and understanding."
    Rhonda Davis, Woodland, Classroom Assistant
    "She is amazing, tireless in her efforts to help kids, and her patience is legendary, does the work of several people, and somehow manages to have a perpetual smile." 
    Kurt Peterson, Atlas Elementary, Facilities Manager
    "incredible at taking care of our building and all the students and staff in it, an excellent listener and takes any problems or concerns to heart while quickly coming up with a solution."
    Dawn Ferguson, Bryan Elementary, Special Education Para
    "Does her job with fidelity: her expectations of her students are high and she works hard to help them be their best selves, not only academically but socially as well."
    Holly Lippy, Canfield Middle, Building Secretary
    "Is always willing to help with any task that is thrown her way, has such a positive attitude and helps cover all the other positions in the front office."
    Lisa Knudtsen, Coeur d'Alene High, Building Secretary
    "Has been doing the work of 2 people for the last couple of weeks, always helps when help is needed, and she does it with a smile."
    Josie Spindler, District Office, HR Administrative Assistant
    "Has been a rock for her department and a wonderful assistant to anyone that would need anything, always has a smile on her face and a friendly disposition."
    Marcy Kirkhart, Hayden Meadows, Assistant Cook
    "To say we have had a very trying year is an understatement and she has stepped up like no other, she does anything and everything asked of her without question."
    Addison Morrow, Ramsey Elementary, Custodian
    "Has been working hard all over the district wherever he is needed and does so with professionalism and attention to detail."
    Michael Roberts, Transportation, Bus Assistant
    "Is always there to help anyone in need, a computer wiz, great with his kids, giving time and attention to each one." 
    Erik Winniford, Woodland Middle, Head Custodian
    "He has been diligent in making sure all the staff are taken care of and have what they need to get through their day, has worked hard for our school and we appreciate him."
    Janell Combs, Atlas Elementary, Title Assistant
    "Her flexible and cheerful spirit brings joy to the staff and students, she creates a safe and fun environment for students to learn in, increasing the students' learning capabilities: they strive to do their best to earn her praise."
    Tony Seman, Bryan Elementary, Classroom and Playground Assistant
    "He is passionate about what he teaches and it is obvious with his students, is frequently outside cleaning up trash from the playground, is always trying to put his best foot forward and it shows with everything he does."
    Kathleen Biggs, Canfield Middle, Kitchen Manager
    "She is AMAZING. This year she has had a lot of new responsibility placed upon her and she has excelled and done it with a smile, is a ray of sunshine to all."
    Mary Hudgins, Coeur d'Alene High, Special Education Paraprofessional 
    "She is wonderful with students--very patient, encouraging, and kind; she makes them want to be successful."
    Susan Adams. Dalton Elementary, Special Education Paraprofessional
    "Her patience and love for all the kiddos at our school knows no boundaries, is always willing to jump in when someone needs any type of assistance; whether it falls under her job "description" or not, she's ready and willing."
    NJ Daniel, District Office, Payroll Specialist
    "Her honesty and integrity are much respected among the secretarial staff throughout the district, she is always the first in line to help when needed, her directness and empathy in payroll goes a long way, she is a hard worker and is willing to work until the job is done, regardless of the hours it takes."
    Ed Ducar, Food Service, Director
    "He helped me when I fell in December. Without hesitation, he just sat with me and held my leg up to keep me as comfortable as possible. He was so kind and caring and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. I'm so appreciative of his gentle and kind spirit."
    Lisa Oliveria, Hayden Meadows Elementary, Special Education Paraprofessional
    "She has such a reassuring, gentle and kind manner. Our kids are SO lucky to have her!"
    Steve Bartlett. Lakes Middle School, Special Education Paraprofessional
    "He is incredibly kind and hard working, he cares deeply about his work and his students; they know he is approachable and honest, but most of all, they know he is rooting for their success."
    Wendy Kaschmitter, Transportation Department, Bus Driver
    "Wendy is a great employee and never misses work, she is a pleasant person and very cordial to all other fellow workers. We are very lucky to have her here at the bus barn."
    Alisha Kinerson, Venture High School, Special Education Paraprofessional
    "She is always willing to help students and staff, she meets the students where they are at and builds good relationships."
    Robin Duvall, Woodland Middle School, Building Secretary
    "She is an admired secretary and a wonderfully caring person that adds a dynamic energy to our office and makes us a better team. We appreciate her willingness to take on tasks, get our administration organized and to help wherever she is needed."
    Sarena Harrison, Atlas Elementary School, Classroom Assistant
    "She is a great person who is caring, understanding, helpful and willing to do whatever needs to be done to make it the best for everyone, students and staff."

    Stephanie Jorgensen, Bryan Elementary School, BI Para
    "She builds students' confidence, soothes them, advocates for them, and teaches them resilience and personal responsibility."
    Kimber Noble, Canfield Middle School, Secretary
    "She is eager and happy to help with a myriad of tasks and is truly the office's "go-to" gal, a joy to work with and is essential in the day-to-day function of the front office and the school itself."
    Leah Figueroa, Coeur d'Alene High School, Kitchen Manager
    "She truly cares about our kids, not only by creating amazing healthy food for them, but also by getting to know the students as people, caring about them outside of lunch time, and immersing herself in our culture."
    Brenda Soderling, Dalton Elementary School, Kitchen Manager
    "She not only does she constantly feed the entire school, but she shows constant support to her colleagues, along with every steady dedication to her job."
    Becky Bailes, District Office, Executive Assistant of Elementary and Secondary Education
    "She has stepped up and taken on a huge new role along with maintaining some previous responsibilities, always greets any obstacle with a smile and a positive attitude."
    Kelly Weir, Hayden Meadows Elementary School, Special Education Assistant
    "She is always asking what more she can do to help and is flexible as students' needs and scheduling changes arise, her work ethic is through the roof and she is an outstanding example of someone who always takes their responsibility to her students as the top priority."
    Lisa Rakes, Lakes Middle School, Library Manager
    "She facilitated Generation Alive (a school-wide service project for all students), creating a safe space in the library for students to work or take a break as needed, communicating with staff and teachers about individual student needs and being a trusted adult for many."
    Kevin Price, Maintenance Department, Electrician
    "He is one of the most dedicated workers, and comes in early to do work without interfering with school schedules. One time a teacher was walking across the street and fell and spilled her coffee. He got out of the truck and helped her up, then went to the coffee shop and bought her a new coffee - a true hero."
    Ann Wheelock, Woodland Middle School, BI Pro
    "She builds trust and strong relationships with the students she works with, holds her students to high standards, encourages them to try their best, and helps them be successful in the classroom."
    Sara Grimm, Atlas Elementary School, Library Manager
    "She is quality wrapped in kindness, listens to the request, gives time and energy to thinking of solutions, then brings possible materials to fit the need, is superior at her job, cares about students as well as staff, is generous with her time and talent"
    Karissa Rhodes, Bryan Elementary School, Behavior Support Assistant
    "She prepares daily announcements, supervisors a student mentoring program, provides behavior support, supervises during lunches and recesses, and always steps in when asked or as needed"
    Kelly Murray, Coeur d'Alene High School, Secretary
    "She is attentive to details and always positive, is a pleasure to work with, even when the situation is tense"
    Paula Lyon, District Office, CDA 4 Kids Coordinator
    "She is full of joy, works incredibly hard to help those who are underserved and in need, is a great example to all around her by her love, dedication, and endless enthusiasm and energy to help kids less fortunate"
    Phil Edwards, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "He is friendly and wonderful to the students he transports safely on his bus, transporting an intern in the afternoon has made it possible for the intern to continue in Project SEARCH"
    Christine Barber, Atlas Elementary School, Office Manager
    "Her dedication is evident in her longevity, teamwork ethic is evident in the immediate "What can I do?" question when any situation arises, a valuable team member"
    Miriam McBenge, Bryan Elementary School, Office Manager
    "She is the example of what work ethic is all about, an amazing team player, treats everyone with respect, not only is she a role model to students and staff, she is one of the most genuine people that I know"
    Sarah Bakes-Holcomb, Canfield Middle School, Library Manager
    "She is friendly and helpful to all, the kids love her and stop by her desk often to say hi and check in, she works so hard and seamlessly balances all of the jobs that a school librarian is in charge of with a positive attitude and an amazing sense of humor"
    Tracy Meyers, Coeur d'Alene High School, Assistant Treasurer
    "She continually works with building staff to ensure we get what we need, tracks everything precisely, keeps up on all the demands placed on her, and always does it with a smile"
    Lisa Loy, District Office, HR Assistant Director
    "Her work load is huge and her knowledge about our district and how it runs is invaluable, takes pride in simply showing up and doing the work that has to be done to keep us moving forward, through the changes, she continues to be a positive influence to her team, and a trustworthy and professional presence for the entire Cd'A Public Schools staff"
    Tammie Jacobson, Hayden Meadows, Special Education Assistant
    "She goes home thinking about our kids and pours so much of her energy into them, can get emotional when she sees them start to make breakthroughs or when they are having a hard day she feels it too, is one of the kindest and most thoughtful teachers I know and we are so lucky to have her touch so many hearts at Hayden Meadows"
    Misty Sanderson, Lakes Middle School, Building Secretary
    "Her biggest strength is the intentional way she cares for others, stops whatever she is doing and takes the extra minute to truly check-in with them and make sure everything is okay which has led to us finding out many personal things going on in the lives of our students which has provided us the opportunity to step in and support them during difficult times, an absolute joy to work with"
    Jim Jacobsen, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "He is a great example of a bus driver, follows all the rules, great with student management, also cleans the bus barn every day and does a thorough job"
    Julie McGuire, Woodland Middle School, BI Para
    "She is outstanding at her job, REALLY knows our kids and takes the time to learn what they need as an individual to be successful, is generous with her talents and skills, an overall amazing asset to our school and students"
    Val Martin, Venture High School, Nutrition Services
    "She always sees that the students are fed, even if they come into school late, have snacks and take home lunches available on School SAT Day, brought lunch into a student who was taking a make-up ISAT test, an educator at heart, helping with the Advanced Culinary classes, and teaching students responsibility"
    Michelle Covey, Atlas Elementary, Building Secretary
    "She always brings a smile and feeling of happiness when you visit the office, offers to help out wherever needed and embraces it with joy, wears many hats throughout the day as nurse assistant, greeter, lunch room aide, and as the building secretary."
    Karissa Rhodes, Bryan Elementary School, Behavior Support Assistant 
    "She is such a giving person and has a heart for our most vulnerable students, offers Book Club experience to small groups, produces and staffs the K-Bear News Program, makes each of us feel valued and appreciated by our colleagues, a big reason why our school feels like family"
    Autumn Soni-Funk, Canfield Middle School, BI Pro 
    "a very gentle, kind, respectful and soft-spoken person, who treats all the students in life skills with kindness and respect, always has a smile on her face and a heart full of kindness, a trusted employee and the kids always come first."
    Chuck Keisel, Couer d'Alene High School, Campus Safety Officer 
    "He always takes care of staff, students and visitors, keeps us safe everyday, does double duty as our announcer/scorekeeper for our after-school activities, makes CHS a better place."
    Marianne Southwick, District Office, Clerk of the Board 
    "She has taken on another person's job in addition to all the other jobs she handles during the day, helps everyone is this office and always has a smile on her face."
    Emily Castle, Lakes Middle School, Behavior Support Assistant 
    "She has done an incredible job this year with a lot of transitions here at Lakes, is the perfect balance of tough love and playful engagement, knows how to connect with kids on their level, is an asset not only to our TSC class but to the whole school in general." 
    Jessica Paxton, Transportation Department, Bus Driver 
    "She comes to work with a cheerful attitude, always ready and willing to be a helping hand, give helpful advice, and encouragement."
    Steve Taylor, Venture High School, Custodian 
    "The upkeep, the cleanliness, the willingness to follow through on teacher requests for maintenance, his attitude and of course, his whistling while he works, is an Idaho GEM."
    Marcia Dixon, Woodland Middle School, Library Manager 
    "She is the BEST librarian that WMS could ask for, attention to detail and willingness to help teachers, students and parents above and beyond the normal "helping" duties is amazing, always working to get everyone the items needed and helping ALL students when asked, gives her heart and soul to her job, caring for all in our building during testing and other events is commendable."  


  • 2021-2022 End of Year Awards
    Greg McCarty, Hayden Meadows, Custodian
    " From opening doors, tying little ones' shoes, cleaning up undesirable messes, snowblowing the walkways, giving life advice while throwing in a quote that makes everything seem better."
    Bob Harvey, Maintenance Department, Custodial Foreman
    "Our facilities are always in top shape because of his insistence on quality"
    Jim Stroh, Bryan Elementary, Custodian
    "Often doubles as a lunch duty, helps with dishes in the kitchen, plays games with kids to occupy their time before they go to recess. Awesome and amazing!"
    Jane Atwood, District Office, Receptionist
    "During an incident where dozens of people filled the foyer, she politely asked that they leave and allow us to secure our entry.  When they refused, she continued to be calm and professional, an outstanding employee."



  • 2021-2022
    Jim Stroh, Bryan Elementary, Custodian
    "Often doubles as a lunch duty, helps with dishes in the kitchen, plays games with kids to occupy their time before they go to recess. Awesome and amazing!"
    Michelle Demotte-Reitman, Dalton Elementary, Special Education Assistant
    "Makes the world go around here at Dalton. Her professional knowledge and experience are exemplary. She is most well defined as a quiet, joyful servant-minded friend and colleague whose empathy and compassion knows no bounds."
    Helen Hanna, Hayden Meadows Elementary, Office Manager
    "Extremely efficient in managing day-to-day challenges in the office and school wide, works so hard to keep our building/behind the scenes running smoothly, organized and works hard for her team."
    Robert Loweree, Skyway Elementary, IBI Parapro
    "Students love him and ask to have him in class, I appreciate how flexible he is to work with, he is fun and positive, I wish he could be in my room more."
    Cathy Compton, Canfield Middle School, Special Education Assistant
    "A true asset to our entire school district. I have seen her take on extra duties outside the classroom such as coaching track and field. Despite any personal tragedy, she gives 100% and worries that it is still not enough. She has a positive attitude and is a great team player - always willing to help out."
    Emily Castle, Lakes Middle School, Behavior Support Assistant
    "Is such a positive person to be around, always greeting all students and staff with a smile, constantly makes everyone around her laugh and brightens their day. She's very creative and crafty. She is always making and bringing things to students and staff showing her appreciation for what they do! She comes up with really great ideas to make Lakes a more inviting place for everyone."
    Pam Waller, Woodland Middle School, Nutrition Services
    "Her laugh is contagious and she is a wonderful lady to work with. She cares for everyone who walks into her area. She is giving and concerned for all.  Has managed our kitchen for years with many changes and under an overwhelming population of students. She is a listener, an organizer, has attention to detail and a miracle worker with providing for all of us at WMS. Not that all our Lunch Queens don't work hard and aren't wonderful - I just think she is extra special and gives her heart to a job that can be thankless."
    Chuck Keisel, Coeur d'Alene High School, Campus Safety Officer
    "An exemplary Viking, the person you can "Go-To" for anything. His dedication to the students and staff is unlike anyone's - he provides a sense of safety while still having a smile on his face."
    Autumn Hawley, Venture High School, Custodian
    "Keeps our school, sometimes even our grounds, helps with set-up for any event big or small. She goes even further by decorating the common areas for holidays, loves to dress up for Halloween and spirit days, and is a big hit with the kids."
    Chris Mollgaard, Maintenance, Grounds Worker
    "Diligence, professionalism, dedication, and excellence in groundskeeping."
    Ellen Bojanac, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Is such an amazing team player with a work ethic that is worth striving for, is an amazing driver and is so patient with everyone's routes and kids. She is also 1 of 4 bus drivers that has a perfect attendance for the year!"
    Amy Kerns, District Office, Secretary
    "She has been a friendly face and voice to the public, staff, and vendors each and every day. She smiles and tries to assist with the most positive attitude and friendliness, even with the most difficult people. She has been able to keep up with the rigorous pace of her department even though she is new to her position."
    Jim Stroh, Bryan Elementary, Custodian
    "Our school looks very well-kept all the time, he is never too busy for a hug or a quick game, always has something funny and witty to say."
    Greg McCarty, Hayden Meadows, Custodian
    " From opening doors, tying little ones shoes, cleaning up undesirable messes, snowblowing the walkways, giving life advice while throwing in a quote that makes everything seem better."
    Melanie Nace, Skyway Elementary, IBI Professional
    "Stays calm and positive, her attitude has a great impact on the students, she's willing to help in any way."
    Shannon Dodd, Canfield Middle School, Classroom Assistant
    "She builds relationships with students by being friendly and humorous, but is also firm and consistent with misbehaviors."

    Gary Williams, Lakes Middle School, Custodian
    "Gary has worked tirelessly without a single complaint. Gary is such a kind and hardworking individual and his work ethic is strong. He exemplifies what all employees should strive to be."  
    Kelly Murray, Coeur d'Alene High School, Building Secretary
    "Is extremely efficient at keeping track of all student attendance, always responds very quickly, and is lovely and kind to kids and staff."
    Gayle Mangis, Venture High School, Title 1 Assistant
    "Gayle designed a system to track student attendance by class. She talks to each student, emails home, and schedules time for them to make up their absences. Additionally, Gayle organizes our school-wide testing, her efforts are making a difference for all of our students."
    TobyJoe McCasland, CDA Early Learning Center
    Behavior Support Assistant, "Toby is one of the most helpful, kind hearted, selfless and hard working people I have ever worked with! He has a passion for his students and always has their best interests at heart."  
    Jake Nelke, District Office, Lead Technician
    "Jake has been an invaluable part of the technology department, he oversees 5 technicians and manages to help anyone that needs help."
    Alden Poetker, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Took 2nd Graders from Fernan to Mobius in Spokane, there was a bunch of construction and he navigated many tight spaces with patience and "unbelievable" skill."

    Stephanie Jorgensen, Bryan, Special Education Assistant
    "Stephanie is our Sensory Sensi, a pioneer in teaching"
    Rachel Desjarlais, Dalton, Classroom Assistant
    "Writes speeches for the class to be an example to the students"
    Leslie McKay, Hayden Meadows, Library Manager
    "Has taken on the role of testing facilitator with kindness, grace, and especially humor"
    Joanna Ross, Skyway, Classroom Assistant
    "Is proactive in her work, helps with special projects and other activities that make the library more accessible and user-friendly"
    Katherine Cline, Lakes, Isolation Room Assistant
    "Has put together programs for students and staff, gets local vendors to donate food so every classroom can have snacks for those students that need it"
    Matt Pederson, Woodland, Custodian
    "Has stepped up and gone to great lengths to help the team with a positive can-do attitude"
    Lisa Knudtsen, CHS, Building Secretary
    "Tasked with filling teacher absences on days we don't have enough subs, performing multiple and complex operations with poise and grace"
    John Rockett III, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Does every small task without asking for anything in return, works hard and deserves recognition"
    Emily Russell, CDA ELC, Special Education Assistant
    "So wonderful with the kids and does an excellent job with challenging behaviors, always has a smile on her face, always positive, such an asset."
    Jane Atwood, District Office, Receptionist
    "During an incident where dozens of people filled the foyer, she politely asked that they leave and allow us to secure our entry.  When they refused, she continued to be calm and professional, an outstanding employee."
    Debra Albrecht, Dalton Elementary, Office Manager
    "Queen of positivity, sprinkles a little sunshine wherever she goes"
    Janet Smidt, Fernan Elementary, Title 1 Parapro
    "Steady, loyal, reliable, and a key contributor to the success of our program and to our students"
    Stacy Janson, Hayden Meadows, Classroom Assistant
    "Has earned respect from all of her students, works tirelessly to meet the needs of each child"
    Erin Gleim, Skyway Elementary, IBI Therapist Parapro
    "Makes connections with kiddos who need that attention the most, has the patience of a saint, handles school-wide initiatives for Autism Awareness each March"
    Nathalie Turner, Canfield Middle, Special Education Assistant
    "Gives 120% of her effort to make sure students can be successful and feel valued"
    Ann Carver, Lakes Middle, Office Manager
    "A wealth of knowledge, one of the most devoted, caring, patient, and efficient people I have ever met, meets interruption with grace and a smile"
    Ernie Lemmon, Woodland Middle, IBI Therapist Parapro
    "Calm and positive, came back with a smile after a difficult incident"
    Carolyn Emerick, Coeur d'Alene High, Library Assistant
    "Remains calm no matter the chaos, handles a myriad of challenges with grace, never loses her smile and sense of humor"
    Sunny Graham, Lake City High, Head Custodian
    "Is the glue that keeps our school together and puts in more effort than all of us combined"
    Marita Durk, Venture High, Title 1 Parapro
    " The epitome of a team player, committed to helping others, is an inspiration"
    TobyJoe McCasland, CDA ELC, Behavior Support Assistant
    "A consummate professional and cares deeply about students"
    Bob Harvey, Maintenance Department, Custodial Foreman
    "Our facilities are always in top shape because of his insistence on quality"
    Lori Edelblute, Transportation Department, Office Manager
    "Always greets everyone with a wink and a smile, reliable, impressive, and a ray of sunshine"
    Sandy Mikita, District Office, Payroll Specialist
    "Amazing attitude, always has a smile, never hesitates to stop her work to answer a question or help with a task, because of her, we get paid"


    Tamara Sines-Kermelis, Dalton Elementary, Classroom Assistant
    "Consistent care and devotion to Dalton students...advocates for education and funding"

    Amber Wanamaker, Hayden Meadows, Special Education Assistant
    "Kind, caring, calm, an example and a mentor" 

    Stacie McPhee, Canfield, Special Education Assistant
    "Hard-working, genuine, staff and students know she cares about them"

    Carl Hosking, Lakes Middle School, Facilities Manager
    "Always goes above and beyond and has a positive attitude"

    Matt Tenneson, CHS, Facilities Manager
    "Hard-working, takes pride in his job, positive attitude"

    Jennifer Woodall, LCHS, Secretary
    "Care and dedication to staff and students cannot be matched"

    Caryn Zimmerman, VHS, Secretary
    "Keeps school running, is an inspiration"

    Olivia Bryan, Transportation, Bus Driver
    "Positive attitude, willingness, friendliness"


  • 2018-19 School Year

    FEBRUARY: Daryl Wilson, Playground Assistant - Skyway Elementary

    JANUARY: Mandy Hall, Special Education Paraprofessional - Northwest Expedition Academy

    DECEMBER: Nicole Olson, Curricula & Assessments Assistant - District Office

    NOVEMBER: Holly Irwin, Title 1 Assistant - Fernan STEM Academy

    OCTOBER: Carlos Gonzalez, Special Ed Parapro - Canfield Middle School

    SEPTEMBER: Susan Behm, Classroom Assistant - Winton Elementary


    2017-18 School Year

    MAY: Tarah Tanner, Principal's Secretary - Lake City High School

    APRIL: Ken Rosebrooks, Isolation Assistant - Canfield Middle School

    MARCH: Lisa Rakes, Librarian - Sorensen Magnet School

    FEBRUARY: Robin Richardson, Classroom Assistant - Canfield Middle School

    JANUARY: Jake Nelke, Computer Technician - District Tech Department

    DECEMBER: Rob Mick, Head Warehouse Worker - Nutrition Services

    NOVEMBER: Victoria Michael, Communications Assistant - District Office 

    OCTOBER: Cathy Rider, Paraprofessional - Northwest Expedition Academy

    SEPTEMBER: Cheryl Ratcliff, Title 1 Assistant - Fernan STEM Academy