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    FRIEND OF 271

    Parker Toyota

    August 2023

    Parker Toyota has a long history of support for the students, staff, schools, and programs in Coeur d'Alene Public School District 271. 

    Parker Toyota is a diamond sponsor of the EXCEL Foundation. Since 2004, Parker has provided a new vehicle to be auctioned off to benefit programming at both Coeur d'Alene and Lake City High Schools, including art, music, activities and athletics -- generating over 1.3 million raffle tickets, the proceeds all directly benefiting our schools.

    In 2005, Parker started the PASS program awarding bikes and helmets to students with perfect attendance. This program continues today, but has been adjusted to identify well-rounded students.

    The first goal in our 2023-28 strategic plan is to develop and strengthen community partnerships. It is our deep honor to present Parker Toyota with the first Friend of 271 award in recognition of their steady support for DIstrict 271’s students year after year, and for their commitment to helping ensure our public schools are supported. 

    parker toyota presentation

    On behalf of our students, staff, and faculty, we honor Parker Toyota as a Friend of 271.