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  • Below you will find frequently asked questions by students and families. Questions are grouped into different content areas to help you find your answer! Don't see your question? Contact the Counseling Office.

School Information

  • Where is the student handbook?

  • What is the block schedule?

  • How do I sign my student up for the bus?

  • How do I apply for free and reduced lunch for my student?

  • How do I sign up my student for drivers education? Where do I get a VOC?


  • Where can I find course descriptions for classes?

  • What is Advanced Opportunities?

  • What is Dual Credit and who can do it?

  • What is National Honors Society?

  • What is the Fine Arts Academy?

  • What is HOBY Leadership Seminar?

  • What is KTEC?

  • What is valedictorian and salutatorian? How is it calculated?

  • What are graduation stoles and cords?

  • How do I request transcripts?


  • What post-secondary scholarships can I apply for? Where do I find them?

  • What is Idaho LAUNCH?

  • What is the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship?

  • What do I need to do if I want to play sports as a college athlete after high school?