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    Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    Winton fourth graders need to know how to make good choices for learning. We work on understanding ourselves, and other peoples and cultures through our studies in fourth grade.

    In fourth grade we are moving from learning to read, to reading to learn. We work hard to develop reading skills, comprehension and fluency. We focus on knowing how to use a variety of sources to access information as well as reading for enjoyment. Our major focus in math is on multiplication facts, division facts, fractions, decimals and problem solving. We work very hard in our writing to develop skills in report writing, using correct paragraphing, punctuation and sentence structure. Our major focus in social studies is Idaho history. We learn about the symbols of Idaho and how Idaho became the great state that it is. In science, we do amazing projects, experiments and reports to study and learn about our earth and the other planets in our solar system.

    Fourth grade is a time to develop our independence as learners, to take responsibility for our learning and stretch ourselves to put the extra into "extra"ordinary.
    Our philosophy is: Give it a try. Never give up.