•                       Welcome to First Grade! 
    This year will be filled with opportunities for learning and exploration. Each day you will be actively involved in reading, writing, math, social studies and science. During your first year you will acquire new skills and develop the skills you already have.

    First Grade is an exciting year with many changes. It is important to know that your teachers will help you to develop as a learner at your own individual rate. We want you to feel comfortable and secure at school to ensure a strong foundation for success.

    Learning to read is a highlight of First Grade. Each day you will read songs, poetry, Big Books, and books from your reading groups. You will learn to make choices for your reading so that the books you read are just right for you. Your parents will also be a part of your daily reading as they will be reading with you each night.

    While reading is a big part of our day we will also be working with numbers learning about plants, animals, and the four seasons. These units of study will give you a chance to learn about the world around you. First Grade will be filled with new friendships, learning and fun.