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                   Welcome to Kindergarten!
     Kindergarteners at Winton come to school for a full day.
    Kindergarten is a year of amazing growth and development!  This year, we will:
    *learn how to work together in our school community.
    *identify letter names and letter sounds.
    *print uppercase and lowercase letters.
    *learn and apply concepts of print (examples: follow words from left to right, spaces between words,...).
    *increase our phonological awareness (examples:  hearing sounds in a word, rhyming words,...).
    *learn and apply phonics and word analysis skills (examples: one-to-one letter-sound correspondence, reading common high-frequency words,...).
    *read a range of texts, then ask and answer questions, retell, compare and contrast, and/or describe relationships within the story. 
    *read emergent-reader texts!
    *participate in shared writing projects and individual writing.
    *count to 100.
    *identify and write numbers 0-20.
    *identify and analyze 2-D and 3-D shapes.
    *solve addition and subtraction up to 10, using objects or drawings.

    We look forward to a great year!  You will have lots of opportunities to visit us at Winton.  Please look for information every Thursday in your child's Thursday Folder.