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    With Xello's Family Portal. Parents and guardians can collaborate with educators to support students on their journey to future-readiness.

    When exploring future options, there are many different things students need to consider and plan for. While it is important for students to take ownership in planning for their future, caring adults in their life play an essential supporting role.

    Family engagement in a child's education has been proven to have positive academic outcomes. Having both educators and guardians on the same page when it comes to a student's future goals helps keep students engaged and encourages them to continue pursuing their journey to college and career readiness.

    With the addition of Xello's Family Portal, parents/guardians are being invited to gain full visibility into their students' future goals and plans, so they can better support their learning and development. Whether a family has one child, 3 children, or even more, parents and guardians can access all of their students' work in one location.

    Parents receive a time sensitive activation link from Xello at the beginning of every school year to complete the registration process for the Parent Portal. If you need an activation link re-sent please reach out to Max Hohle at

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