Coeur d'Alene School District voters will be asked to renew the school levy on the
    May 16, 2023 ballot.

    This would replace the 2-year supplemental levy expiring at the end of the current school year (June 30, 2023). The levy provides one-quarter of our annual operating funds, and pays for employee costs, textbooks and classroom supplies, student computers, extracurricular activities, safety personnel, student transportation, custodial services, and more.


    Cuts of more than 300 employees

    • 16 Librarians and Library Managers
    • 39 High School Staff
    • 32 Middle School Staff
    • 16 Kindergarten Teachers
    • 114 Elementary Employees
    • Close 2 Elementary Schools, 25 Employees per school
    • 9 Security Officers, 4 Campus Security Officers
    • 3 Athletic Directors
    • 28 District Office Staff
    • KTEC Funding

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Please vote May 16!

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