We have snack time each day.  Please bring in one large container, box, or bag of a fairly healthy snack (no candy please) once per month to share  with the class. Ideas for snacks are: pretzels, chex mix, goldfish, granola bars, crackers,   etc... If on occasion, such as a birthday, special day, or holiday, you would  like to bring in a special treat, you may also choose to do that, too.  When I pass out your child's snack, the class will thank him/her.  If your would like your child to bring their own personal snack, please do so. Also, your child  may keep a water bottle at their table to drink from.  (Just make sure the lid seals well to prevent spills.) No pop, please. Also, if your child is allergic to any food item, please make a point to let me know.