Posted by Timothy Marks on 9/6/2021 7:20:00 AM

    Before I think about assessing the children, I reflect back on my own management.  I want to make sure that my management is on target at all times.  I want to have my students organized, my behavior focused on learning, and my students using our sportsmanship code in class.  Also, I try to make sure that the things I’m teaching actually lead to students learning the skill or performance outcome I am focusing on.

    After reflection, I will look over the data I have kept on each child.  The two most important things for me are effort and choices.  I want to see a child put in the effort of trying the different skills that are being taught.  Choices are important to me because they are foundational to decision-making.  A child can choose to be attentive, encouraging, or on task, for example.  I don't use skills as a basis of my grading because all the children are at different coordination levels with their bodies.  I know for myself I was very unskilled through third grade at catching a ball, but I would put in the effort. 

    As a teacher/coach, part of my job is to uplift kids and help them become those confident movers, to learn to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. I hope I reflect that when giving out grades.  

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