• Data Dashboard LogoCoeur d'Alene Public Schools' Data Dashboard supports our commitment to our community toward creating a personalized, learner-centered environment that uses a variety of assessments, surveys, and resources to collect, analyze, and organize data, providing continuous cycles of feedback to students, teachers, our trustees, and other education professionals. This continuous process of improvement increases the depth, breadth, and efficiency of learning. These dashboards and charts will be regularly updated and will reflect the values and goals of the district's strategic plan and individual school learning plans.

    We will evolve this resource to facilitate data-driven decision-making, utilizing appropriate data and analytics that are readily available, easily comprehensible, and useful for supporting the decision-making processes toward our student achievement goals.

  • Coeur d'Alene Public Schools partners with School Data Solutions in Spokane, WA as our instructional management system. Through their KPI dashboard, we visualize our data providing up-do-date performance indicators on a variety of key metrics. Click the link above to "browse our KPIs" which are updated overnight for most data at the end of each assessment window for student performance data.