• School Supply List
    GRADE: 6th    
    Backpack   OPTIONAL:
    pencils/pens   computer mouse (wireless or usb)
    colored pencils or markers   dry erase markers
    headphones/earbuds   index cards
    binder   highlighters
    6 pocket folders    
    college ruled paper    
    2 composition notebooks   REQUESTED DONATIONS:
    * 3 spirals (check wth individual teachers)   2 boxes of tissues
    * scissors (check with individual teachers)   1 ream of white 81/2 x 11 copy paper
    *glue sticks (check with individual teachers)   wooden pencils for the classroom
    GRADE: 7th    
    Backpack   scientific calculator
    blue and black pens (not gel)   scissors (blunt edge)
    wooden pencils for personal use   dividers with pockets
    3-ring binder (3/4 inch)   2 ultra fine point permanent markers (sharpie preferred, but not required)
    colored pencils and markers   2 black dry erase markers
    graph paper (cm preferred, but not required)   ear-buds or headphones
    2 composition notebooks (college ruled)   stylus for Ipads
    college ruled paper   REQUESTED DONATIONS:
    3 or more spiral notebooks   wooden pencils for classroom
    book covers are recommended   2 boxes of tissues
    index card 3x5   1-2 reams of white 8.5x11 copy paper, #20
    ruler (metric/standard)    
    GRADE: 8th    
    Backpack   1 ruler (standard/metric)
    2 dry erase markers   1 pack of 2 cm x 2 cm graph paper (or similar size)
    Colored pencils   index cards 3 x 5
    wooden pencils for personal use   ear-buds or headphones
    2 blue or black ink pens    
    1 highlighter    
    scientific calculator    
    1 black ultra-fine tip marker (sharpie preferred, but not required)    
    2 composition notebooks (college ruled)   REQUESTED DONATIONS:
    college ruled notebook paper   wooden pencils for classroom
    scissors   2 boxes of tissues
    spiral notebooks (1 for each core class)   1-2 reams of white 8.5x11 copy paper, #20
    1 large 3-ring binder    
    8 tabbed pocket dividers    




    9x12 SPIRAL drawing tablet

    Colored Pencils



    Art erasers

    Glue stick

    Pencil bag or box

    Black markers- extra fine point

        (sharpie preferred, but not required)

    5 Pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

    1 Package oil pastels

    2 Charcoal pencils