Our Bill of Rights

Student_Assessment Bill of Rights
  • As our customers, students are vested with certain inalienable rights related to the assessment of their achievement and the use of their assessment results to influence their learning. Those rights are articulated at left and are the work of Rick Stiggins (2017), which Coeur d'Alene Public Schools has used with permission as a foundation of our assessment practices.

    Students and their families will be made aware of those rights and our educators understand their professional responsibility to understand and protect them. While students themselves may have difficulty asserting their assessment rights at least until high school and, even then, their ability and power to do so will be limited. For this reason, those rights are stated below as entitlements that school leaders and teachers, as well as parents and communities, must protect and honor. School and district policies and practices that violate these rights will be abandoned. In the service of maintaining a foundation of assessment literacy in American schools, students will be reminded of their rights on a regular basis, usually in the form of common presentations tailored to the specific assessment they will be taking.