• Mountain Retreat Sensory Room

    What is the Mountain Retreat Sensory room?
    Our sensory room was created in 2020 with the purpose of allowing students of all abilities to access space and materials to meet their sensory needs. The room is designed to promise self-regulation, self-organization, sensory awareness, and sensory stimulation.  
    Who can use the sensory room?
    ANY student can use the room as long as they have permission from staff. Our sensory room can only be used when the room is open and when a staff member is present. The behavior support assistant manages the room and assists students during their breaks. Some students visit the room as needed and others have regularly scheduled breaks. 
    How does the sensory room work?
    All student's check-in upon entering the room and do a "zone check" as they identify what zone they're in using the zones of regulation. Based on that zone and how they're feeling, they're offered choices for their break. When their five minutes is over, the students do another exit "zone check" prior to transitioning back to class. 
  • What are the sensory room hours?
    Tuesday-Friday 10am-11am
    Monday-Friday 1:00pm-2:00pm
    How was the sensory room funded?
    Thanks to the Excel Foundation, we were able to fully fund our sensory room. Thank you Excel! 
    Sensory Pathway
    Composed of visual and tactile elements, the sensory pathway allows for vestibular and proprioceptive input, which can help students regain self-control and focus. Students are  encouraged to move along the path, as they are cued to perform a series of movements to activate different parts of the body and brain. This quick activity can serve as a "brain break" or "body break" for students.