•         Winton Elementary – A Title I Schoolwide Program

    Winton Elementary

    A Title 1 School-wide Program

    Winton Elementary School believes every child should have the opportunity to attain his/her full potential. We are committed to providing a quality educational program for all children. We believe that teamwork and collaboration between school and parents increases the quality and effectiveness of educating every child. We value our parents input and believe that a partnership between school and home is critical to provide the support children need to be successful. 


    What is Title 1?                   

    Title I is a national reading program funded through the federal government. Winton Elementary is a School-wide Title 1 school.  As a School-wide Title 1 School, we are able to receive additional training, resources programs, and staffing to benefit all reading and math groups, from below to above grade level.  School-wide programs do not have to identify particular children as eligible for services.  Having school-wide status helps us to assist all of our students and enhance our reading and math program as a whole.  This means any student, who could benefit from additional help using Title 1 resources, whether for a two week skill group or a year-long remediation plan, will receive the help needed.

    How is the Title I program funded?

    Funding for our program is based on the percentage of free and reduced lunches that our families apply for.  Ever application returned goes toward our funding, even if you choose not to participate in the program.  Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that Winton families apply for the free and reduced lunch program at our school whether you qualify or not.   Forms are available at the front office and cafeteria.  In addition, you can request a form by phone to be sent home with your child. 

    Who are Title I students?

    Through the Title 1 School-wide Program, Winton is better able to address the needs of all students, particularly those students who are struggling with reading and math.  Children who score below grade level on the Idaho Reading Indicator or on other state and district assessments and are referred by the classroom teacher qualify to receive Title I services.  Once these students are identified, the students are instructed in varies ways-small group instruction, in-class intervention, one-on-one, in varies areas of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing) and math (computation, fluency, problem solving) according to their needs and strengths.  The school uses effective scientifically-based researched curriculum and instructional strategies to meet the child’s needs.  Instruction is delivered by teachers and paraprofessionals who meet the highly qualified requirements set by No Child Left Behind.  All teachers and paraprofessionals in the position of delivering instruction at Winton Elementary are highly qualified.  Progress is closely monitored with staff members meeting regularly to review and discuss collected data.  This ensures that the instruction planned is meeting the needs of the child and promoting his/her academic success.   

     Parent Involvement

    Parent involvement is an important component of the Title I program.  There are many ways in which parents and the school can work together to support their children as they work towards becoming better readers.  At Winton, we help parents and children develop successful reading habits both in school and at home.  Parents have a right to be involved in the planning of their child’s education.  Winton encourages parents to be involved in these plans through volunteering in the classroom or programs, accessing resources and materials offered by staff, attending parent-teacher conferences, and attending family events planned throughout the school year like our Open House BBQ, Santa and a Book, and other events.  Working together we can promote a successful educational experience.  Please refer to our Parent Involvement Policy and Parent Compact for more information.

    Our ultimate goal is to help children become confident readers that enjoy the many aspects of reading. Through a partnership with parents, we will support the efforts of the children we serve to become lifelong readers. 






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