• Eighth Grade 

    Lakes offers an academic focus based on high academic standards and student expectations are the basis of our quality education program. We work to create diligent, enthusiastic learners who enjoy the educational process.


    Language Arts
    The focus in 8th grade language arts is on literature appreciation and comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, independent reading, reading fluency, and listening/ speaking/viewing skills. In addition to regular 8th grade language arts, Lakes offers basic language arts classes for students whose ISAT scores are below proficiency and advanced language arts classes for students who qualify.
    Students who are reading below grade level are required to take a reading enrichment class. Students are placed in this reading class based on their ISAT reading scores. In this class, students work on the following objectives: word meaning, literary comprehension, interpretive comprehension, evaluative comprehension, and fluency. 
    Pre Algebra is the course of study for most 8th graders. The following units are taught in this course: estimation, add/subtract/multiply/divide decimals, percents, and fractions, exponentiation, word problems, standard and metric measurement, simple and multi-step equations, using formulas, Algebraic expression, volume, polygons, lines, angles, graphing, right triangles, graphing, and ratio/proportion. Algebra is offered to those students in the accelerated program. Focus in this course is on add/subtract/multiply/divide percents, word problems, simple and multi-step equations, using formulas, Algebraic fractions and expression, factoring, radicals, volume, lines, graphing, and right triangles.

    Earth Science

    The following units are taught in 8th grade Science: time, plate tectonics, tectonic processes, physical processes, climate, astronomy, water, and fossil fuels.

    United States History

    The following units are taught in 8th grade social studies: review of the French/Indian War, review of the Revolutionary War, Independence and evolution of Government, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, decimation/resettlement of Native Americans, expansion of U.S. Appalachians to Mississippi, Mississippi to Rockies, immigration, Rockies to the Pacific, Mexican War and Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, Transportation Revolution, Abolition/Civil Rights, Civil War and Reconstruction, Indian Wars, Spanish/American War, Progressive movement and reform of big business, and Social reforms of the early 20th Century. Accelerated students are placed in a class that looks at the curriculum in more depth and at a higher expectation standard.

    Non-core required classeS

    Design Technology(semester)
    Eighth grade Design Technology at Lakes is designed to teach students to implement decision-making and problem-solving skills to become wise and knowledgeable members of society and the global workforce.


    PE (semester)
    One semester of physical education is taken by all students in grade 8. Emphasis is on fitness and life skills development.


    Weights/Fitness (semester)
    One semester of weights/fitness is taken by all students in grade 7. Emphasis is on fitness and life skills development.

    Elective classes

         Semester:  Art, Pottery, Woodshop, Advanced Woodshop, Drama, Intro to Spanish, Leadership, Jr. Engineering

         Year-Long:  Spanish 1, Choir, Advanced Choir, Orchestra, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band


Kindergarten Buddies

  • Kindergarten buddies

8th grade Trip to DC and NY

  •  8th Grade Trip Information to Washington DC and New York.

    8th Gr. Trip to Washington DC / NYC

    8th Graders start thinking about the 8th grade trip to Washington DC and New York. It is a wonderful educational trip to enjoy with your friends. Want to know about School Tours? Click on the link below and check out the website.  The date for the Lakes 2020 trip is June 7th-June 12th. Early registeration before July 1st guarentees this years price of $2,969.00 after July 1st the cost is $ 3,079.00. 

    Please contact Stacey Doerr at 208-667-4544
    Lakes Magnet Middle School Trip # 9302