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Welcome to Nutrition Services

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    Healthy Eating Out...Planning Ahead in Your Busy Schedule

Life can get hectic this time of year between sport practices, music lessons, and other school clubs and events. There will be times when the dinner hour arrives and you find yourself driving to the nearest fast food restaurant to feed the crew. What can you do to maximize the nutritional bang for your buck? Here are a few tips to assure you make the best choices. Have a “go-to” list of restaurants that your family enjoys that offers healthier options such as salads, fresh sandwiches, and meat & veggie rice bowls. Choose smaller portions by avoiding the super-sized meal options. Opt for milk, water or juice over soda. Add veggies where you can such as on sandwiches, on top of the pizza or as a side salad option over fries. You can avoid overdoing the high-fat sauces and dressings by keeping them on the side and lightly dipping foods. Lastly, all food choices will fit into your diet provided you exercise good portion control and balance them with healthier choices. To learn more about healthy eating, click HERE.

Join our team!

Now that school is back in session, are you missing the pitter-patter of children's feet during the day?  We've got a great opportunity for you to come and work with our 10,000 students in the nutrition services department.  Working in Nutrition Services is a great fit for parents with children in the district as you only work when school is in session and can be home with them on holidays and weekends!  If you are interested in applying, click HERE to connect to the application and for details as to where to drop it off.
Good Nutrition is an important part of the learning environment. A hungry student has difficulty concentrating and learning. Help your child do better in school by making sure they eat a healthy breakfast and lunch either at home or with us at school!