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    Our dedicated nursing staff is committed to the health and wellness of each student, providing safe quality nursing care and education to District 271 schools. We work collaboratively with the educators, administrators, support staff, students and families to remove or modify barriers to learning that are caused by health-related issues and focus on promoting an optimal level of wellness so learning and teaching abilities are maximized.

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    Quick Resources

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    Services We Provide

    • Immunizations
    • Communicable diseases
    • Vision
    • Scoliosis
    • Blood Pressure
    • Dental
    • Mental Health
    Manage and Supervise Medication Administration 
    Coordinate Care for Children with Health Conditions
    Develop Health Plans, some with accommodations for 504 or IEP
    Educate Students:
    • Hand Washing
    • Growth and Development
    • Safety
    • Binge Drinking
    Train District Staff:
    • CPR and AED
    • Stop the Bleed!
    • Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
    • Basic First Aid
    • Needs of students with Diabetes, Epilepsy and Food Allergy
    Assess and Triage Health Needs of individual Students and Staff when available Resources & Referrals 
    • Health insurance for children and families
    • Health care for children & families
    • Family and community services

    Nichole Piekarski
    Lead Nurse