Welcome to Curriculum

  • The curriculum in the School District 271 reflects our district's interpretation and application of the Idaho Core standards as well as the Idaho Content Standards.  With these standards, teams of teachers with community input create rigorous expectations for student performance and describe the knowledge and abilities to progress through any course as well as the skills necessary to succeed in today's society.

    The guides presented are to be used as models for any classroom teacher.  When content, instruction, and local and state assessments are aligned, our district strongly believes that our curriculum is a powerful force that contributes to the success of student achievement.
    Here you may find course offerings as well as scope and sequence, grade level expectations, state and district standards, adopted text books, and other curriculum related resources.   

    Some content contained in this web site may be provided in formats other than a standard web page. To view such material you will need to have the related software installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat click on the link to download their viewing software.