• What should our high school graduates know?

    When you think about the young people in our community who are entering the workforce, heading to college or trade school, joining the military or making other post-graduation plans, what knowledge, skills and character traits do you hope they possess?

    That is the question Coeur d’Alene Public Schools is asking our community to help answer. We are about to create a “Profile of a Graduate” to guide our work on a new strategic plan for the school district.

    The graduate profile will identify the cognitive, personal and relationship-based abilities that students should have when they graduate.

    In this endeavor we are eager to include the perspectives of parents, students, educators, policymakers, local employers, business leaders, nonprofit organizations and others in our community. What do you think is most important? Complex problem-solving skills? Creativity? Emotional intelligence? A service mindset?

    The school district is hosting three workshops this spring, open to anyone who would like to help us. Please take a couple of hours to help us identify the knowledge and skills students will need to succeed in college, their careers and civic life.

Graduate photo
  • Graduate Profile Workshops

    Each workshop will be just two hours long and will be at the Hospice of North Idaho Community Room, 2290 W. Prairie Ave., Coeur d'Alene.


    Thursday, May 9 from 8 to 10 AM


    Thursday, May 16 from 12 to 2 PM (includes lunch appetizers)


    Thursday, May 23 from 5 to 7 PM

    Let us know if you plan to attend. Email your preferred workshop date to Pam Westberg, pwestberg@cdaschools.org

    Questions? Contact Scott Maben, smaben@cdaschools.org