Visitor Policy

  • In an effort to make sure our school sites are safe, our school board has adopted the following requirements for visitors. Our district uses the Raptor tracking system to help protect your children. District policy requires that all visitors entering a school during school hours are screened with this program.

    The Raptor software uses information from the visitor's driver’s license or state ID card to check the sex offender database from all 50 states, including Idaho, and saves their name in the data system.


    For parents, volunteers and community members:

    • When visiting during school hours, doors should be locked. Push the button to let the front office staff know you are there, face the device, and if asked, explain your visit. 

    • Enter through the front doors to the main building. Never enter a building through a back door or playground entrance.

    • Be ready to provide a driver's license at the front office (ID required for the first visit of each school year or if the office staff requests)

    • Sign in at the front office. 

    • Receive a visitor's pass/badge. Please wear your pass/badge at all time while in the building.

    • Remember to sign out and return badge when you leave. 

    Thank you for cooperating and supporting the safety of our students, staff, and families.