• I have been teaching Special Education since 2005 at the Elementary, Middle School and now the High School level.  I enjoy working with students at all levels to be successful in and out of the classroom.  I am excited to be working with the staff at Lake City High School for the success of all students!

    I currently case manage special education students from grade 9-12, and teach Special Education Math courses for studetns with IEP's.  I also teach Self-Advocacy and Transition Courses for students with IEP's.  

    I have completed my Master's Degree in Autsim Spectrum Disorders from Grand Canyon Univesrsity in August of 2019.  I graduated with a double major in Cross Categorical Special education (K-12) and Elementary Edcuation (K-8), with a minor in Religion in May of 2005 from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.  I also participate in trainings offered to support students to the best of my ability.

    I enjoy spending time with my family, watching my girls swim competitively, and enjoy coaching the Lake City High School Swim team, as well as coaching on occasion for the Coeur d'Alene Area Swim Team (CAST).  My family has enjoyed the outdoor activities available during the beauritful summer months since moving to CDA in 2017.

    If you have questions about LCHS Special Education please feel free to contact me.  If you have questions about the LCHS swim team (fall sport) please view our swim team page, or contact me by email.

    Michelle Sobek

    Michelle Sobek

    (208) 769-0769 ext 44067