There may be days during the winter when it is not safe for our buses to transport children. If you suspect that school might be canceled due to the weather conditions, you are requested to listen to radio KVNI – 1080 AM or local television stations, KREM – Channel 2, KXLY – Channel 4, or KHQ – Channel 6. They begin broadcasting school closure information at 5:30 am Be patient and DO NOT CALL THE RADIO STATION. You can also call the district weather phone number 667-0784 to get information. It is district policy that all events that are scheduled when we have a “snow day” are to be cancelled.



    Please prepare you child for the temperatures of Idaho winter by dressing him/her properly with a heavy coat, hat, boots and gloves or mittens. Please do not send a note requesting that a student stay in at recess. If a child is well enough to come to school, he/she is well enough to go outside. When the weather becomes extremely cold, we keep all students indoors.