Supplemental Levy

What's on the May 16 ballot? 

  • The district's $25 million, 2-year supplemental levy is on the May 16 ballot. The district is asking for these levy funds to replace the existing 2-year supplemental levy which expires June 30, 2023. Levy funds provide 25% of the district's annual operating budget, which pays for employee salaries and benefits, textbooks and classroom supplies, student computers, student athletics, art and music programs, mental health programming, extracurricular activities, school safety and security officers, student transportation, custodial services, and much more.  

What's at stake?

  • •    114 Elementary School Employees
    •    39 High School Staff
    •    32 Middle School Staff
    •    28 District Office Staff
    •    25-50 Elementary School Employees (if schools are closed) 
    •    16 Kindergarten Teachers
    •    16 Librarians and Library Managers KTEC Funding
    •    9 Security Officers
    •    10 School Nurses  
    •    4 Campus Security Officers
    •    3 Athletic Directors
    •    KTEC Funding  

School Levy Tax Calculator


School Levy Calculator

This calculator can be used to estimate how the supplemental levy will impact the school portion of your property taxes.

Supplemental Levy Rate
The proposed $25 million two-year supplemental levy replaces an existing $20 million two-year supplemental levy that expires on June 30, 2023, and that currently costs $76.17 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value. If the proposed supplemental levy is approved, the tax is expected to increase by $19.04 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value for the first year, or 19 cents per $1,000.

Click Here to look up your property tax bills on Kootenai County Treasurer's website

Enter the full assessed value of your home. Do not subtract the $125,000 Homeowner’s Exemption. Do not put any commas in your number.


These values are for estimation of tax changes only. These are not official tax records or values.
2022 School Property Taxes = .00096 x (Assessed Property Value - $125,000 Homeowner’s Exemption)
2023 School Property Taxes = .001150 x (Assessed Property Value - $125,000 Homeowner’s Exemption)

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