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We invest in each student to prepare, challenge and advance well-educated, resilient and future-ready citizens.

Stand Up, Speak Up

  • We are committed to eliminating bullying in our schools. When you see someone being bullied, don't stand by —choose action! READ MORE about this initiative.

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    It is that time of year to be thinking of high school! If you are planning on your child attending a high school other than the school that your child is zoned for, you will need to fill out the online High School Intention form. This is available on our district website: cdaschools.org beginning February 1, 2018. This will close on March. 17, 2018.

    If you are in need of assistance with where your child is currently zoned for a high school, please contact our office, and we will be happy to assist you. 





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     "Life is not about who is more popular than the other, or if people are 'cool' or not.  It's not even about who is the best at things.  Life is about who you are and who you will be when the time comes to do the right thing!" 

    -Anonymous Woodland Student

    OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Woodland Middle School supports the Coeur d’Alene school district’s mission to invest in each student to prepare, challenge and advance well-educated, resilient and future-ready citizens.


    OUR VISION: Woodland Middle School believes Coeur d'Alene Public Schools is an education leader, promoting opportunities for innovation in learning and inspiring excellence in everyone.


     Woodland Middle School believes in you.

School Contacts:

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    Principal: Dave Serwat

    Assistant Principal: Trayce Hemenway

    Counselors: Jaime Valenzuela, Corey Brown


    Debbie Dotson, Office Manager

    Robin Duvall, Building Secretary  

    Patrice Cory, Registrar/Attendance

    Office Hours: 7:00 am-3:15 pm

    School Hours: Mon: 9:10-2:40 pm Tues-Fri: 7:55-2:40 pm

    Phone: 208-667-5996

    Fax: 208-667-5997

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