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What's Happening at Skyway

  • Ms OBrien was a member of the US Air Force   Ms Bean served in the US Navy.

    Skyway Honors Veterans

    Skyway Elementary honored all veterans on Thursday, November 8 with a heartfelt program put on by our third graders under the direction of our music teacher Mrs. Liz Thurgood. Our patriotic decorations were created by students with the help of our art teacher, Mrs. Rafa. On Friday Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Kelly presented the two veterans on our teaching staff with bouquets of flowers. Ms O'Brien served in the U.S. Air Force and Ms. Bean served in the U.S. Navy before becoming teachers.

    Just a reminder that also in honor of Veterans Day, there is no school in the Coeur d'Alene School District for students. Teachers will be working in their classrooms preparing for upcoming conferences.

    Skyway will be having a book fair November 13-16.

    Book Fair Coming to Skyway

    Let Your Imagination Grow at the Enchanted Book Fair in November!

    Book Fair hours will be from 8:30am-4:00pm November 13th-16th with a late night on Thursday the 15th until 7pm. Students can shop during their library class, before school or after school. If you have questions about the Book Fair, please contact our librarian Mrs. Taylor.
    Thank you for supporting our Skyway Library!

    Skyway Elementary Retake Day is Almost Here!

    Your retake day is quickly approaching. If we did not see you on picture day or you would like a new image, do not miss out on ordering pictures for your student. 
    Pre-orders for picture packages may be placed online now at using your school's access key provided here W96LAVQQ. Online pre-orders using your school's access key are available up to 4 days after retake day.



    Erin Dever Named Idaho Nurse of the Year
    Nurse Erin was named Idaho's School Nurse of the Year.

    We are so proud to share that our school nurse Erin Dever was named Idaho's 2018 School Nurse of the Year by the School Nurse Organization of Idaho! In addition to serving our district for over ten years and currently serving Skyway, Mrs. Dever is also a Skyway parent. Congratulations Nurse Erin!



Ideas For Families

  • Are You Preparing Kids for a World that Doesn’t Exist?

    Is it really okay to hold kids accountable for their misbehavior… or is this an archaic concept that no longer applies to raise kids? We at Love and Love have always taught the same thing: Hope and pray for affordable mistakes, provide a strong and sincere dose of loving empathy, and let logical or natural consequences do the teaching.
    We provide unconditional love, dignity, and opportunities to make small mistakes. That’s the “love” in Love and Logic. The “logic” develops inside the child’s heart and mind when they discover that the quality of one’s choices largely determines the quality of one’s life.
    Do choices matter?

    Over the past few years, a strangely popular “no-consequences” movement has developed among many. They seem to argue that if we just do a better job of loving kids and meeting their underlying emotional needs, there will be no need for consequences. They also suggest that using consequences… even reasonable ones delivered with great love… is a big no-no.
    Have you heard this, as well?

    There’s some truth in what they say. Yes! Loving kids, building trusting relationships, and meeting needs is essential… and it does tend to cut down on the need for consequences. The downside of their rather extreme position is that the world is a consequential place.

    It’s pay now or pay later.

    We can either help our kids learn that choices matter when they are young and the consequences are small, or we can allow the world to teach this lesson when they are older and the consequences are often tragic.

    Are we going to prepare our kids for a world that doesn’t exist… or the real one?

    Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. 


    Dr. Charles Fay

    2018 Love and Logic Institute, Inc.