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What's Happening at Skyway

  • Skyway's Spelling Bee is in January

    Spelling Bee

    It is time for the annual Spelling Bee! Classroom bees will be January 7-9 with the top three spellers from each class moving on to the school bee. The Skyway Spelling Bee is Wednesday, January 16. Fifth grade begins at 12:15, fourth grade at 1:15 and third grade at 2:15. The top speller from each grade level then advances on to the district bee on January 30. Good luck spellers!

     PTA Meeting Cancelled

    Tonight's PTA meeting is cancelled. We'll let you know the rescheduled date and time.

    Congratulations Invent Idaho Winners!

    Congratulations to Gwen and Maverick, who both earned second place awards at the recent District Invent Idaho! Gwen's Dog Doody Drone and Maverick's Hydroponics Gardening will now move on to the Regionals level.

    Buy a Valentine Lolligram For your Child(ren)

    What is a lolligram? A lolligram is a message that you can surprise your child with on Valentine’s Day during their class. The message is attached to a Tootsie Roll lollipop or a Tootsie Roll Trio Bundle, whichever you have purchased for your child.

    Parents, friends, and guardians are welcome to purchase a lolligram for their student(s). The lolligram will be delivered to the student’s class on Thursday, February 14th.

    Please bring completed forms and payment to the front office. There will be a Valentine decorated drop box in the front office. Please place printed form in a sealed envelope along with your payment.


    Thanks for Supporting The 5th Grade Leadership Academy*!


    *Proceeds will be donated to the Skyway Field Trip Fund

Ideas For Families

  • Patience

    The life of an author/public speaker usually revolves around trying to turn some seemingly unrelated life experience into a metaphor for use in a book chapter, article, or speech. Right now… right at this moment… I’m waiting in line at our local Motor Vehicle Department. It’s often the small things in life that bring us the most joy.

    Is waiting part of life? Is learning patience something that will benefit our kids immensely as they travel the winding, and often traffic-jammed road of life? If they don’t, will their road end up being far rougher?

    You’ve probably noticed that kids are not born with this skill, and many are not shy about demonstrating their lack of appreciation for anything that delays the immediate delivery of their desires. While this is normal for young children, a danger lies in how it can train us to jump through hoops trying to keep them calm. The faster we give them what they want, the less whining, begging, hassling, and chaos we experience in the short term.

    Yes, in the short term all seems well.

    Brave parents understand they can pay now or pay bigger. As such, they embrace the short-term commotion, wisely allowing their kids to experience the healthy struggle of wait time. These parents may provide some brief suggestions to their kids, such as:

    • “Some kids decide to concentrate about something they really like. Sometimes that makes the time go faster.”
    • “Some kids decide to repeat to themselves, ‘I can do this. I can do this. I’m big. I can do this.’”
    • “Some kids decide to bring a book to read.”

     Wise parents also demonstrate this skill in front of their kids. Of course, this can be the most challenging part for many of us. While in traffic, while waiting in line at the store, they allow their kids to hear their thoughts. They think out loud:  “Waiting is hard. Sometimes it’s not very fun. But… it’s such good practice. Good things come to those who wait!” 

    Finally, Love and Logic parents notice when their young ones do a good job of waiting, and they demonstrate that good things come to those who wait. While we don’t believe in going overboard with rewards, it is fun and effective to occasionally provide a small one.

     “I noticed that you waited the entire time I was on the phone without interrupting. What do you think about going for ice cream?” 

    Is the ability to delay gratification one of the most important skills we can give our kids?

    Dr. Charles Fay

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