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  • The Cross Country Meet for Tuesday, September 19 has been cancelled due to weather.



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    Join Us for the Annual Regal Run

    Regal Run/Walk is a family event to kick off the school year. It will be held on Saturday, October 14th.  Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and race begins at 9:00. Families create teams that include parents, siblings, extended family, neighbors, friends and even pets!! Teams name themselves and dress the part (optional). The 1.18 run begins at the Skyway parking lot and ends in the gym. The course will take your team through Blue Grass Park and back. There are 8 checkpoints where your team must check in. Each Skyway Student will receive a colored Popsicle stick that corresponds to the 8 checkpoints. At the completion of the race each Skyway Student who hands in all 8 colored sticks, will receive a finisher’s ribbon. So get your team together and register on race day!





    Ideas for Families

    You might have noticed the tab on this webpage called 'Ideas for Families'. Our school's counselor, Mrs. Melton, posts articles she finds that might be helpful to families. Many of these informative articles come from the popular Parenting With Love and Logic series. If you ever want more information on these topics or would like to discuss them, feel free to contact Mrs. Melton. Check that tab often as we change the articles regularly.

Principal's Message

  •  Rick Cline, Principal of Skyway Elementary

    Mr. Rick Kline


    I take great pride and joy in welcoming you to the 2017-18 school year. It is exciting to be part of a community of great students, parents, and teachers at Skyway Elementary this year!

    Skyway Elementary prides itself in being a “Community of Learners” where our students and staff look for opportunities to be learners in our daily lives.  We are committed to high academic expectations, mutual respect, and social responsibility.

    The staff at Skyway has high expectations for all of our students.  We have even higher expectations of ourselves. This year, the Skyway staff will continue to dedicate our focus on improving student learning for all students.  We will continue to work diligently through collaboration to discuss teaching strategies to meet the needs of our students.  We will improve student learning through improved instruction focusing on aligned curriculum, data collection, and assessment.  We are committed to finding each student’s skill level and taking them forward in their learning.

    Parents and community members are partners in educating Skyway’s students.  Volunteer opportunities abound.  Our Watch D.O.G.S (Dads of Great Students) Program is strong and supported by over 100 dads, uncles, granddads and other important male figures in students’ lives.  They volunteer in the school and on our campus on a regular basis.  They can be identified by their red vest or jacket and are invaluable to us.

    Please join our Parent Teacher Organization.  Our PTO is vital and strong, providing valuable support for our school through volunteering, providing classroom mini-grants, funding extra-curricular activities, and more!  

    As the site administrator, I believe that in order to be successful, we need to partner with you, the families of our students.  We need your support as we ask students to practice reading, writing, and mathematics at home.  Throughout the year, I will continue to meet and talk with many of you, as well as to learn about your children and family.  If there is anything I can do to help or provide answers to questions you may have, please let me know.

    We appreciate your continued support.  We invite you to visit Skyway to be a part of our programs and activities, and to become a part of our “Community of Learners”.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  They are the reason that we are here.  We are honored to be entrusted with this critical component of their lives.  


    Rick Kline


Ideas For Families

  • Boredom and Children

    Children who’ve spent their first few years of life being entertained by television, exciting toys with batteries, and well-meaning adults lack critical skills for success in school. That’s the bottom line. Children who have spent years playing in the sandbox, coloring with crayons, chasing butterflies, and stomping around in mud puddles have been given a great gift. The skills they develop through these simple yet important activities foster success from preschool through graduate school. That’s the good news.

    Unfortunately, too many loving, intelligent, and well-meaning parents have fallen into the trap of believing that “good parents” keep their children entertained and stimulated each and every moment of the day. When they see their children getting “bored,” they quickly intervene with a fun activity or gadget. As a result, their youngsters spend way too much time pushing the buttons on exciting electronic toys, staring at the television, and riding in the car from one activity to another. Sadly, little or no time is left over for running, playing, and being creative.

    Children who’ve been constantly entertained grow into adults who are constantly bored.

    Love and Logic parents give their kids an advantage in life by understanding that children need plenty of opportunities to find themselves in a rather dull or “boring” situation. Why? Because these situations encourage youngsters to develop and practice creative ways of entertaining themselves… and exploring the vast and exciting frontiers of imagination and creative problem solving.

    Where would we be today if Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison had grown up believing that it was another’s responsibility to be creative and keep them entertained?

    Step 1: Plan for providing dull periods in your home.

    Step 2: Provide plenty of materials and toys that foster creativity.

    Step 3: Pray that your child will come to you and say "I'm bored."

    Step 4: Place primary responsibility for solving this "boredom problem" on your child.

    Step 5: “Notice and describe” when your child is playing independently.

    “You built that by yourself?”

    “That book looks really interesting.”

    “You turned Teddy into a monster.”

    “I noticed that you made three pictures.”

    You’ll be amazed at how brightly your child’s eyes will shine when you apply this step!

    Dr. Charles Fay
    ©2017 Love and Logic Institute, Inc. All copyright infringement laws apply.

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