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    Ms. Ruth Vettrus

    Phone: 208-667-4507

    Email: rvettrus@cdaschools.org

    Degrees: M.S.Ed. Special Education, University of Oregon  BA Ed Studies-Family and Human Services, University of Oregon Certifications:Special Education:Elementary & Middle/Secondary

    Hello students! I am so excited to work with you In English, Math or in our new Transition Program! I’m also a case-manager and will be holding annual IEP meetings to assist students in making progress toward their goals. I will be working with students in grades 9-12.

    I love teaching English, Math and Independent Living and Vocational Skills. It’s amazing to be in the learning profession and encourage you as students to participate in your learning. I get the most excited to see you become more and more aware of the world around you. I believe that you are able to take responsibility of your learning by questioning and participating in a variety of learning activities using technology and small and large group tasks. I love using real world and current events to help you be an active part of the class, school and community environments. I believe that growth takes time, but that you are constantly growing and changing in amazing ways! I am excited to walk with you through this journey in learning whether for just 1 year or more! I will work hard to share my knowledge of each subject area with you, and expect that you will meet me in the classroom, ready to learn and putting forth your best effort.

    Most of the work that we do will be posted in Google Classroom and will be graded in Skyward. There will be daily openers posted in Google classroom to complete as you first come into class. You will also need to check Google Calendar for due dates for myself and your other classes.

    We will be using Chromebooks in our classroom and be using the following websites:I-Ready, Kahn Academy, Vocabulary.com, and NoRedInk.com. Some of these sites need to be accessed through Google Classroom to get the school login access. You can also access the English Language Arts book via the School Website www.cdaschools.org/CHS

    When you miss class, you may email myself of Mr. Brewer, or come to D1 before or after school.  

    Have a wonderful day and I am looking forward to seeing you in class!

    2018-19 Class Schedule:

    D1-Intro to English/ Language Book E!- Co-teaching with Mr. Brewer Google Classroom:hj7u8h

    D1-Algebra Concepts 1- Co-teaching with Mr. Brewer Google Classroom:b11ve2k

    18-21 Transition Program-Afternoon Program- E Best Ave Location. Google Classroom: r35xf4