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Big School — Bigger Heart!

Big School — Bigger Heart!

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  • Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

    Uniform Information

    Ramsey is proud to be one of two schools in the district to institute a uniform policy. This process could not have been completed without the help of staff, parents, and administration.

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     2018-19 Supply Lists & Calendar

    Download our School Supply Lists  l   Download the 2018-19 Parent Calendar

    **FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES**  Thanks to Tools 2 School and other local businesses and non-profit donations, backpacks, and school supplies will again be available this year for those in need. To request supplies, contact the Ramsey front office or counselor sometime between August 27 and the first day of school, September 4. Questions? Call the district office at 208-664-8241 or email info@cdaschools.org.

    Free & Reduced Meals for 2018-19

    Your children may be eligible for free or reduced-price lunches and breakfasts. Families that have previously qualified will need to reapply each year. Download the application or get more information on the School Nutrition Services department webpage.

    School PLUS Childcare Program at Ramsey

    School PLUS is a reliable, quality, licensed before and after school childcare program offered in our school and schools across our district. Registration for the 2018-19 school year will begin August 1.  Visit the School PLUS page for more details and registration information.



About Us!

  • Get to Know Us!

    Ramsey Magnet School of Science is a National Title One School.

    • 27 highly qualified teachers in grades K-5.
    • Specialists in Art, Music, PE, Special Education, Speech/Language Title One, and Advanced Learning
    • Full-time principal and vice-principal
    • Full-time guidance counselor
    • Part-time school psychologist
    • Full-time media specialist
    • Highly qualified Title One assistant, math and reading remediation teachers and special education para-professionals

    At Ramsey, we have:

    • A fully-equipped science lab
    • 3:1 student to device ratio
    • First Lego League
    • Science Day
    • Science Fair-both classroom and individual
    • Radical Rick Assembly and After School Science Camp
    • Club THINK! for intermediate grades
    • DASH-Dynamic After School Hour
    • Partnership with The Pacific Science Center
    • Science-related field trips
    • Jr. Science Cafe
    • Extended grade level science kits
    • Star Lab

    Big School... Bigger Heart!

     To Access our most recent Ramsey Review, click here: Ramsey Review

    PBIS-Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

    What is PBIS?

    • PBIS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools.  
    • It is a school-wide design for discipline
    • It is a preventative/proactive approach
    • PBIS focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students.
    • A data driven program.  Our team analyzes data each month.
    • It uses consistent consequences for problem behavior.
    • It is a program that can be changed based on feedback we receive.


    Why do we need PBIS?

    • Teachers and students deserve to work in a positive environment.
    • Students who behave well deserve to get most of the attention, not the ones who misbehave.
    • Teachers deserve to teach the lesson they intended without major behavioral disruptions.
    • Teachers, students, and parents deserve to to know the levels of discipline in a school building.
    • Teachers deserve to know what the discipline data looks like at our school and be part of the decision making process.


    The 3 Major Components of PBIS

    • Teaching appropriate behavior in all settings
    • Interventions when behavior expectations are not met
    • Recognition when behaviors are met


    What does discipline look like at Ramsey?

    • When a child fails to meet the behavior expectations of our school, one of three things can happen.  Depending on the behavior, the adult can redirect or teach to the expected behavior without documenting the incident.  Another option is for the adult to fill out a ‘minor form’. These forms can be used as warning and can also include a range of consequences such as a conversation with the child, moving seats in the classroom, losing recess, and/or calling home.  If a child receives 4 minor forms in a month, they are referred to one of the administrators with a ‘major form’. Certain behaviors can warrant a child being given a major form right away. Consequences for major forms are given by one of the administrators and involve a phone call home.  Examples include the loss of recess(es) or suspension when necessary. Our goal for PBIS is to minimize the number of ‘major forms’ by teaching to our expectations and rewarding positive behavior throughout the building. We strive for consistency in our response to negative behavior.

    What positive approaches are used at Ramsey?

    • Our team works diligently to reward positive behavior. Our primary incentive for students is rewarding "above and beyond" behavior beaker bucks. These bucks can be used at our bi-weekly beaker buck store to 'buy' prizes! From time to time, we also enjoy rewarding entire classrooms with things like extra PE time or a dance party! 


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