• Welcome to Mrs. Waldo's Fourth Grade Class!

    I am enjoying the privilege of working with your child this year. Each year comes with opportunities to grow, develop and improve. When I say this, I mean both the kids and I. Every year, I learn so much about the way kids learn and what they need for support-they make me a better teacher. In the fourteen years of experience, I have had at teaching young minds, it gets more exciting and amazing each year!

    I enjoy learning by reading, researching and taking classes to learn new and innovative ways to engage and inspire kids to have a love for learning. It seems to me that the ways that children learn best is evolving. It is necessary to find out “what makes them tick” and shape my practices to inspire and invest in each child and the talents they bring. I love watching the “sparks fly” when kids get it and had fun doing it and that makes me love teaching more each year!

    I believe when people are valued, respected and empowered, they tend to be more independent at reaching their personal best. I will continually encourage and support your child at taking ownership and engaging in their own learning. I will ask your child to use thinking strategies to become more aware of their mind process. This helps them have more tools for attacking challenging material and reaching their personal potential!

    I will do my absolute best to meet the needs of your child so that they are supported in being engaged and independent. I always appreciate the feedback, so feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to an amazing year with this bunch of awesome kids!