• clarissa
    Being young at heart and loving first graders are traits that I have in being a first-grade teacher.  I have been a first-grade teacher for several years now, and every year I see children who will grow and expand in their knowledge and skills through our yearlong journey academically, socially, and emotionally. 
    My mission is to help your son or daughter have the best year of elementary school, through preparing lessons that will help them apply their knowledge and skills in the real world.  "Yet" is a big word you will hear in my classroom.  I will periodically say, "You don't know this yet, but after we experience it together, you will!"  I love seeing first-graders expand their wings and fly.  
    About Me:   
    My husband and I are experiencing being empty nesters.  Our daughter Hailey is in her second year of law school at Florida A&M in Orlando, FL.  Our daughter Sydney graduated this June 2020 from Portland State and will be working as a junior accountant in Portland.  Mark and I stay active in sports and watching sports. My favorite sport to watch is football!