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Stand Up, Speak Up

  • Please choose action and report a bully.

    We are committed to eliminating bullying in our schools. When you see someone being bullied, don't stand by —choose action! READ MORE about this initiative.

General Information

  • Kindergarten Registration


    and *NEW* FIRST GRADERS - those new to our district 

    • You can now register your Kindergarten or New to the District 1st grader during school hours between April 18 - May 7. 
      A registration event will be held at your neighborhood (zoned) school on
      MAY 8, 2018 FROM 9:30 AM to 6 PM
      SCHOOL AGE ENTRANCE: Children who will be 5-years old on or before September 1 of any new school year are eligible to enter Kindergarten in CdA Public Schools. Idaho Code 33-201 defines, "school age" as including all students that reside in the state of Idaho, between the ages of five (5) and twenty-one (21) years.  The age of five (5) years shall be attained when the fifth anniversary of birth occurs on or before the first day of September of the school year in which the child is to enroll in kindergarten.  For a child enrolling in the first grade, the age of six (6) years must be reached on or before the first day of September of the school year in which the child is to enroll. Not sure of your attendance zone? Click here

      Read more - Idaho Statutes - Title 33 Education, Chapter 2 Attendance at School

      PLEASE BRING:         

      • Child's certified birth certificate
      • Child's immunization records
      • Family's proof of residence (such as a rent receipt or utility bill)
      • Name and phone number of two or three emergency contacts
      • Health history with list of allergies and current medications 
      SCHOOL IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENT: All students registering at any of our schools are required to provide an immunization certification statement stating the type, number, and dates of the immunizations received.  (Per policy 3525.)  Attendance at school may be denied to any child who does not provide an immunization record or proof of exemption.  Any student denied attendance will not be allowed to attend any schools within this District until he or she is in compliance with this policy. 
      MAGNET SCHOOLS: Magnet Schools are unique, as students must be accepted through an application/lottery process. Kindergarten students accepted through the first application window will be notified early and register on the regular registrations date, as posted each year. Families on the magnet school "wait list" will register at their neighborhood school.
      QUESTIONS? Call your neighborhood school or the Coeur d'Alene District Office at (208) 664-8241.

    Run For 271 

    This is our 7th annual Run For #271 event. It will be held in the beautiful McEuen Park on June 2, 2018. What is Run For #271? It is a fun, family friendly event for our community that raises money for our 11 local elementary schools. 100% of the proceeds from this event go directly toward things like: K-3 classroom libraries, crisis counseling, PE programs, art programs, Math is Cool, Cross Country and more. Each school principal determines where the funds will go for their school.

     Run For #271 has a kids obstacle course race (2-12 year old), obstacle course special needs wave (all ages), 5K (all ages), huge raffle, face painting, bounce houses, food trucks, vendor booths, music, arts and crafts, and more.  

    Last year we raised nearly $25,000 for our ten School District #271 elementary schools. This is a family friendly event that is only possible with the help of our teachers, principals, school administrators, parents, local businesses, sponsors, volunteers, participants, and YOU!!!!

    ​If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to contact me. Please check out our Facebook page and register for our event today! Can't wait to see you there.

     Link for registration


    Box Tops for Education are always being collected by our school. Each Box Top is worth .10 cents which adds up quickly! Money from the box top program helps pay for recess & playground equipment. Watch for our collection contests which are held throughout the school year! (Please Note: We no longer collect Campbells' soup labels as this program is no longer in existence).


About Our School

  • About Northwest Expedition Academy

    “The Expedition Starts Here” — Expedition for 2017-2018

    ”How might a school be built to best educate children?”

    This expeditionary school (not affiliated with EL Education) is exemplified by Project-Based Learning expeditions (using the Buck Institute PBL philosophy), in a workshop model (using inquiry-based learning and the thinking strategies) with the world as our classroom. Students take physical and academic journeys using critical thinking, hands-on learning, journaling, observation, exploration, collaborative learning and strategic and scientific methods to truly get to understand their world. Using the Idaho Core Standards, academic work is rigorous, challenging and purposeful.       

    The key to academic success is a strong character. This school embraces the work by Angela Duckworth and Paul Tough which focuses on grit, curiosity, self-control, social intelligence, zest, optimism, and gratitude. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) is the framework to support students to make good choices and to work hard. Rather than telling students what not to do, this school focuses on praising preferred behaviors. Kindness will be embraced and taught and bullying will not be tolerated.

    Learning must be purposeful and make a true difference in the community we live. For this reason, an authentic audience with community partnerships are paramount for all Project Based Learning (PBLs) at Northwest Expedition Academy. Our advisory committee continues to search for positive role models, innovative community members and interesting people to increase the diversity of our learning.  About Our School

    We welcome your questions about Northwest Expedition Academy! Have a question that is not answered below? Contact Principal Bill Rutherford at 763-0800 or email him at He is happy to answer any other questions you may have.

    Bus Services

    There is bus service. You can contact Transportation at 667-3451 for more information. 

    Northwest Expedition Academy offers: PE/Library/Spanish/Technology/Art/Music?
    Yes! We will have PE/Library/Technology-STEM/Art/music. We do not have plans to have Spanish but if there is a desire, we sure can talk about it. Parents will have a voice in everything that happens in our school.

    ALP services?
    Yes! We have an ALP teacher.

    5th Grade
    Originally this was to be a K-4th-grade school. Thanks to the interest of our parents, we now have one 5th grade class. Jessica Moore is our teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are expeditions?

    Our students will go on academic and physical expeditions of learning. We believe students must learn outside the walls of the traditional school. Students will visit their community, job sites, businesses, lakes, forests, colleges, parks, mountains and museums to broaden their understanding of the world. Students will learn from real people, doing real work in the real world.

    During these journeys, students use critical thinking, hands-on learning, journaling, observation, exploration, collaborative learning and strategic and scientific methods to truly get to understand their world. Using the Idaho Core Standards, academic work is rigorous, challenging and purposeful.


    What is Project Based Learning?

    Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.

    Learning must be purposeful and make a true difference in the community we live. For this reason, an authentic audience with community partnerships are paramount for all Project Based Learning (PBLs) at Northwest Expedition Academy.


    What is Genius Hour?

    Genius hour is a time of learning where students explore deeply their PBL and prepare for the exhibition of their work. This time is 2:15-3:15 for all students. The school will be buzzing during this time of learning  


    What is an exhibition?

    Exhibitions are an opportunity for students to exhibit the learning they are doing. The audience for these exhibitions will be parents, teachers, students, and community members. Students will be evaluated on the authenticity of their project, the project's focus on making a positive difference in the community, the academic rigor of the project and the student’s ability to present the project.  


    Why will parent teacher conferences feel dramatically different at NExA?

    At NExA, students are in charge of their learning, with purposeful nudging and encouragement from their teacher. We believe the best person to explain a child’s academic progress is the child. Therefore, the student will exhibit his/her work during the district's scheduled parent teacher conference.


    What will the Advanced Learner Program look like?

    ALP students will have an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) developed by the ALP teacher, the student and the parent. In this plan, the student's special needs will be outlined, addressed and detailed. Students assigned to ALP will be students who perform in the top 5% of their grade using nationally normed assessments.

    ALP students, grade 3-5, meet with the ALP teacher weekly to determine if the student is meeting his/her academic goals, to assess academic progress and to offer encouragement and support.

    During genius hour, students in grades 3-5 will work on their projects with the ALP teacher in the ALP classroom. Students in this classroom will be expected and encouraged to perform in an academically rigorous manner and will be challenged to reach their full potential.   

    What is inclusion?

    NExA believes that students learn best in their homeroom classroom, taught by a highly-trained teacher with specialized academic support pushed into the classroom learning. This means that students with special needs, students who have holes in their learning and students of exceptionality, will remain it their homeroom classroom for the majority of the day.  The special education teacher will work with the IEP team to ensure that all student needs are being met.

    There will be times when a child needs to be pulled out of the classroom to work on specific goals or progress monitor IEP goals, but this time will be minimal.  

    In the U.S. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), least restrictive environment (LRE) means that a student who has a disability should have the opportunity to be educated with nondisabled peers, to the greatest extent appropriate.  IEP’s may need to be reviewed and amended to ensure each IEP is meeting this requirement.

    NExA has a Life Skills program for students with varying disabilities. Students in this program will be included in the classroom. It is important for students with disabilities to be with their nondisabled peers and it is just as important for nondisabled peers to learn beside a student with a disability.   


    What are the school rules?

    At NExA we believe that a large list of rules and regulations is difficult to remember, hard to teach and ineffective in positively changing a child’s behavior. For this reason, we have three rules at NExA-Be Kind, Work Hard, Be Safe. If a child is playing on the playground too roughly we ask, “Are you being safe? Are you being kind?” If a child is not putting forth his or her best effort in class we ask, “Are you working hard?” These three rules are taught to daily and will generally take care of most issues we see, everyday.   


    What does art look like?

    Art will be purposeful and follow the guidelines of our expeditions. Students will learn to make paper for their journals, tan hide for their journal covers, create sketches of what they observe in the natural world, draw buildings and engineer bridges; the list goes on.


    What does PE look like?

    Students will learn to move and play in their natural environment.This will include urban trekking, fishing, rock climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, team sports and individual sports.


    Is NExA a private or charter school?

    No. we are a public school in the Coeur d’Alene with a focus on Project Based Learning. We have a school zone and kids in this zone attend our school. Students outside our zone may apply for a transfer into our zone. These applications will be approved on a space-available basis.


Web Accessibility

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