Fernan STEM Academy

Where falcons feed on education; no goal's too high where falcons fly

Benefits of Fernan
  • All classroom teachers in grades K-5 and Life Skills are highly qualified. All specialist and support staff in resource and title are also highly qualified.
  • Specialists in Art, Music, PE, Special Education, Speech/Language, Title One, and Advanced Learning
  • Full time principal
  • Full time counselor  
  • Part time school psychologist
  • Behavior specialist
  • Highly qualified Title One assistants, math and reading remediation teachers and special education Para-professionals.      


  • Falcon


  • Even More benefits of Fernan

    • Fernan has an updated computer lab with 32 computers running on the Windows 7 Operating System, a projector, and a Smart board
    • Fernan has a technology lab of 14 computers located in the intermediate hall way. 
    • Fernan has  IPAD's, Chromebooks, and a mobile lab for classroom teachers to use 
    • Fernan's classrooms have at least 2 student computers, a teacher computer, a projector, and a document camera
    • Fernan has an amazing full size gym for PE
    • Fernan has an excellent sound system for music programs, plays, presentations, and assemblies
    • Fernan has an excellent library with many Accelerated Reader books
    • Fernan has a beautiful playground in a park like setting
    • Fernan has an all school garden
    • Fernan has a school wide focus on being healthy. This includes cross country, Run For Fun, and Nutrition Classes.