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Week of February 1-5
Monday- Pajama Day
Tuesday- Twin Day
Wednesday- Super Hero Day (No Masks)
Thursday- Sports Day (You can wear appropriate masks)
Friday Color day (8th-Blue 7th-Green 6th-Red)
School Dress code is still in effect. 
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CEE Parent Survey Window is March 1ST- March 31ST

We have the ability to have parents take it electronically, by paper and pencil, or we can do a hybrid of both. 

Conference Date: February 17th,  4:00 – 7:30 pm.
Pays to get A’s Assemblies:
6th Grade  February 9th 8:00 a.m
7th Grade  February 10th  8:00 a.m.
8th Grade February 11th  8:00 a.m.
Have you ordered a yearbook yet?
 A yearbook is a collection of moments big and small that readers will treasure today and always.  It is one of the most important books that a student will ever own.  If you haven’t bought a yearbook yet, there is still time!  Click the link below to order your yearbook online or go talk to Ms. Debbie in the office.  Don’t wait till the last minute!  If you have great pictures to contribute to the yearbook, you can click on this link and follow the directions for uploading them using eShare.  Woodland's schools code is woodlandcda. What a great way to be a part of your yearbook!
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In order to make certain all our students receive appropriate educational supports, Coeur d’Alene School District 271 conducts a mid-year residency verification. Residency is defined as where your family sleeps at night. Has your residency changed since September 8, 2015? If yes AND if any of the following statements are true for your family, please contact your school counselor or the Coeur d’Alene School District Homeless Liaison, James Curb at 208-664-8241 ext. 1061 or jcurb@cdaschools.org for more information about educational services that may be available to your student(s) and family.

· We are doubled up with friends, grandparents, or other family due to economic conditions.

· We are living at a motel / hotel because other housing is unattainable.

· We are living in a domestic violence shelter.

· We are living in transitional housing.

· We are sleeping in public places or abandoned buildings.

· We are living in a car, trailer or campground.

· We are living in a home for pregnant or unwed mothers without another place in which to live.

WMS School Goals for 2015-2016
Student Focus Group
Goal: Student perception from the spring 2015 CEE survey " Most students are respectful of others at their school" will increase from 37% to 46% (Almost always true, often true) as measured by the spring 2016 CEE survey.
Student Achievement Group
Goal: Student math scores from the spring 2015 SBAT test will increase from 39% of the students who scored proficiency to above 44% scoring proficiency or above as measured by the spring 2016 SBAC test.
Parent Involvement Group
Goal: Parent and Community Involvement from the spring 2015 CEE survey "The improvement goals of this school are shared with all parents" will increase from 58%, of the parents who took the survey to 68% (Almost always true, often true) as measured by the spring 2016 CEE survey. 
CEE Survey 2015
According to our 2015 C.E.E. Survey completed by 753 Woodland students, we are reaching our goals!  Students are engaging and thriving in the clear focus and expectations we are setting here at Woodland. This chart is comparing us to the top 5% highest improving schools at our grade level.  Keep up the great work Woodland!

Welcome to Woodland Middle School

Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Nice, and Learn for life.
We believe in the mission of the Coeur d'Alene School District, which is to "provide every student an academically excellent education".
 We believe parent and community involvement is essential for a positive school climate. We also believe that a vital element in classroom experience is the classroom teacher, who is:
. . . the catalyst in the student’s exploration of new fields
. . . responsible for academic growth
. . . committed to encouraging personal growth
. . . dedicated to excellence
. . . held accountable for their education

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Our school staff is committed to serving the community and welcomes any questions and comments.  We would love to hear from you.

Principal: Dave Serwat
Assistant Principal: Trayce Hemenway
Counselors: Jaime Valenzuela, Corey Brown
Kate Brostrom, Office Manager
Debbie Dotson, Assistant Treasurer
Patrice Cory, Registrar/Attendance

Office Hours:
7:00 am-3:15 pm

School Hours:
Mon: 9:10-2:40 pm
Tues-Fri: 7:55-2:40 pm

Phone: 208-667-5996

Fax: 208-667-5997

2101 St. Michelle St.
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815