Ramsey Magnet School of Science

Big School — Bigger Heart!

Big School — Bigger Heart!

Uniform Information

  • Ramsey is proud to be one of two schools in the district to institute a uniform policy. This process could not have been completed without the help of staff, parents and administration.

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Stand Up, Speak Up

  • We are committed to eliminating bullying in our schools. When you see someone being bullied, don't stand by —choose action! READ MORE about this initiative.

    Report a Bully!


  • Ramsey's Open House

    Sept 22nd from 5:30 to 7:30. 

    Please come join us for a BBQ and a chance to get to see what your student has been doing these first couple weeks of school and what they will be learning throughout the year!

    Jog-A-Thon Info

    Please find important information regarding our Annual Jog-A-Thon fundraiser on the PTO page of our website!

    Cross Country 2016 Information

    Cross country is up and running! Click HERE to download the permission slip for your child and click HERE to download the Cross Country Calendar.

    Please click HERE if you are interested in signing up as a volunteer for practices.


    PTO Welcomes You!

    Ramsey Magnet School PTO has a Facebook page to help keep our community updated and informed. Check it out! Like Us on Facebook!


    Get to Know Us!

    Ramsey Magnet School of Science is a National Title One School.

    • 27 highly qualified teachers in grades K-5.
    • Specialists in Art, Music, PE, Special Education, Speech/Language Title One, and Advanced Learning
    • Full-time principal and vice-principal
    • Full-time guidance counselor
    • Part time school psychologist
    • Full-time media specialist
    • Highly qualified Title One assistants, math and reading remediation teachers and special education para-professionals

    At Ramsey, we have:

    • A fully-equipped science lab
    • 3:1 student to device ratio
    • First Lego League
    • Science Day
    • Science Fair-both classroom and individual
    • Radical Rick Assembly and After School Science Camp
    • Club THINK! for intermediate grades
    • DASH-Dynamic After School Hour
    • Partnership with The Pacific Science Center
    • Science-related field trips
    • Jr. Science Cafe
    • Extended grade level science kits
    • Star lab


    Big School... Bigger Heart!


What's New:


    Ramsey Magnet School of Science: 

    Jog-A-Thon 2016

    What is a jog-a-thon?  The Ramsey Jog-A-Thon is our annual Fall fundraiser.  Students run, jog or walk around the school field while listening to fun music and receiving praise from their parents and teachers for their efforts.  All students participate whether or not they collect pledges. We ALL run or walk on this day - - rain or shine, so please dress your child appropriately.  

    Collecting Pledges:  Pledges are recorded on a pledge sheet envelope.  Participants will ask families and/or friends to “sponsor” them either by the amount of laps run (example:  10 laps run at a dollar per lap would be $10) or a flat amount ($10 flat rate donation).  Note that 4 laps = approximately 1 mile. Once the jog-a-thon is over, students will then collect the money according to what was pledged on their sheets and return the envelope to school by Monday, October 3rd.  This is our main fundraiser for the year, and the money raised will be used to directly benefit the students and teachers at Ramsey. Due to last years’ efforts, we were able to purchase a Chromebook Lab!  All decisions on how this money is spent are decided at the PTO meetings.  If you have ideas/suggestions where this money would be best allocated, please attend a meeting. We value our parents’ ideas!

    Dates and Times:  This activity is a fun, healthy event for all the students.  Please join us on Wednesday, September 28th  to cheer on your students.  5th grade students will run from 12:45-1:45; 4th grade will run from 1:00 – 2:00.  3rd grade will run from 1:45 – 2:45, 2nd 2:00 – 3:00 and 1st 2:30 – 3:15.  AM Kindergarten will run from 10:30-11:00 and PM Kindergarten will run from 2:45-3:15.

    Click HERE to read full Jog-A-Thon Overview!

    Everyday Heroes

    "Everyday Heroes" is a collaborative effort by multiple Ramsey Elementary grade levels to use technology to share the CDA School District’s anti-bullying message. Through this campaign, the students hope to spread the word no child should ever feel threatened physically or emotionally as they grow into remarkable young adults.

    Big Fin Productions has pledged to support the students of the district by promoting the "Everyday Heroes" Anti-Bullying Campaign. This company has donated ten iPad 2’s to the program because Big Fin believes having this technology available to the Ramsey students gives them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the tools they will be utilizing as a future workforce. It will also enable them to promote the important message bullying cannot and will not be tolerated in their schools and in their lives.

    Take a peek at the links below. These videos were created by our own Ramsey students. With the generous donation from Big Fin Productions, the students will be able to use the new technology to film, edit, and produce additional videos.








Ramsey Review:

  • Dear Ramsey Families -


    Our school is buzzing with excitement and students who are hard at work.  As we reflect on the first full week back, it amazes us how many opportunities are happening for kids at Ramsey.  Cross country is off to a great start with a over 200 runners!  If you want a cross country shirt, they are available after school and Mrs. Burt will be selling them at the Open House and BBQ.  Remember, there is no practice on Mondays or Fridays.  The first meet is next Friday, September 23rd at Woodland Middle school.  You can also check out the cross country calendar on Ramsey’s webpage. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered their mornings to help Mrs. Burt!  In addition, Special Chorus has already begun with Mr. Normington and 5th graders have even been introduced to the Strings program!  


    Don’t forget to help your child collect pledges for our Jog-A-Thon on September 29th! This event is the only big fundraiser we do all year, and 100% of the proceeds return to Ramsey. The PTO uses these funds to purchase technology, classrooms supplies, and other science opportunities. The child who collects the most pledges wins a Chromebook and becomes Ramsey’s principal for a day! Second place will win a GoPro camera and get to be the PE teacher for the day! Speaking of PTO, it was so great to see the turnout at Thursday’s meeting! We are so excited to see so many parents wanting to be involved with the organization. Thank you!


    At Ramsey, we don’t just rely on our amazing PTO for extra funding. Our staff regularly writes grants to fund classroom innovations. Recently, we received a grant to support our PBIS program in the amount of $500 from Kootenai Electric Trust.  In addition, Fred Meyer kindly donated $500 to support programs at our school.  Our science sponsors this year include:

    • SVL Analytical (Einstein Sponsor, $600)

    • CDF Landscape (Edison Sponsor, $200)

    • Summit Mold (Edison Sponsor, $200)

    • Avondale Dental Center (Curie Sponsor, $100)

    We are sincerely thankful for the generosity of these foundations and businesses in helping us support our children and their learning.  If you are interested in supporting Ramsey as a Science Sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact Aaron Drake in the office!


    As the cold weather approaches, we are mindful of kids who need warm clothing.  Coats-4-Kids has dropped off a box in the foyer for us to assist their worthy cause.  Please drop off new or gently used coats by October 31st.  Many kids have benefited from your support in the past!  


    We all know that adding fruits and vegetables to our diet is one of the best things we can do for our health.  Why not have some fun while encouraging your family to pack more of these powerful foods into your day. This month we challenge you to bring home a new fruit or vegetable each time you go to the store.  Research your choice online to learn where it comes from, how it grows, what awesome nutritional benefits it provides, as well as to find a recipe to try it with the family. Prepare and enjoy it together. Talk about its flavors and textures. You may have found a new favorite that you will continue to choose in the future, or you might continue trying an item with different recipes as you learn the ways you enjoy it. We serve delicious fruits and vegetables each day in our school meal program.  Encourage your child to try different items at school too!  For more on healthy eating, go to the Nutrition Services department page at www.cdaschools.org.


    Speaking of food, we are looking help in our cafeteria and need to hire a lunch duty ASAP!  If you are looking for part time work, and are available in the middle of the day, this could be a great opportunity for you.  If interested, please contact Crystal Kubista at ckubista@cdaschools.org.


    Thanks for all you do to support your learners at home.




    Crystal Kubista, Principal

    Aaron Drake, Assistant Principal